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2017 Horoscopes eBook

All 12 signs. The full versions include Saturn & Jupiter report, Mars action periods, August’s eclipses and the sign changes of Lilith and Jupiter. Printable 30000 word pdf over 44 pages.





  1. Its also because you’ve got many other planets that are important to your chart and those signs and planets interact with your sun (ego) in different ways, your moon (mentality and feelings) makes up a large part of your personality. The houses in our chart also reveal a lot about your sun. In short, these descriptions of personality are like one, albeit one important, shade of personality factor amongst many.

  2. I am dedicating this quote to those Majestic and Regal beings with natal Sun in LEO as well as to the Immortal Solar Radiance that burns within the heart of EVERY Sun Sign!

    “I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.” -Suzanne Collins (sun in leo, Decan 2), The Hunger Games


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