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Leo Decan 2

Leo decan 2Leo decan 2 is ruled by Jupiter in both systems (Sagittarius triplicity). The sun blazes through the lynx, the watersnake, the lion’s mouth, the great bear, the crab and the great ship from August 3 – 12. You can see straight away that these are a different breed of cat from the sedate and Saturnian Leo decan 1.

Jupiter gives it more fire and the influence of the defensive crab is replaced by the overtly passionate water-snake. We also have less of the religious influence too. The energy is primal, spontaneous and uncensored. This does not mean these people aren’t spiritual, it’s just that they don’t like bowing down to a Guru, or following established paths to enlightenment. These pioneers will always prefer the road less traveled.

Healthy Egos & Lion Taming

Jupiter ruling here will of course exaggerate their bad traits as well as their good. And let’s face it, with a big cat, these traits are going to be extreme one way or the other. Leo is known as the dramatic sign, so here we will certainly get full-blown theatrics. These folk, are typically mouthy. So they are outspoken, fearless in their reasoning and dive into debates with gusto. Combining Zeus with the Lion King and you get someone who relishes power and very happy to give orders. Of course they will be accused of being bossy, but at the same time they are wonderful at organizing, when most people can’t be bothered.

Leo Decan 2 ~ Fixed Stars

Leo 11º 51’ ~ Alpha Lynx in the tail of the Lynx 3.3*
Leo 12º 21’ ~ Epsilon Hydra in the Watersnake 3.4
Leo 13º 12’ ~ Zeta Hydra in the Watersnake 3.3
Leo 13º 19’ ~ Kochab in Ursa Minor the front right hip of the little Bear 2.2
Leo 13º 38’ ~ Acubens in the left arm of Cancer the Crab 4.3
Leo 15º 12’ ~ Dubhe on the back of Ursa Minor the Great bear 2.0
Leo 17º 52’ ~ Alterf in the open mouth of the Lion 4.5
Leo 18º 33’ ~ Naos on the deck of the Stern in Argos the Great ship 2.3
Leo 19º 26’ ~ Merak in the flank of Ursa Major the Great Bear 2.4
*Magnitude. Star position for the year 2000.

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  1. I have pluto 13 degrees, ascendant 17 degrees and saturn 20 degrees Leo all trine jupiter 20 degrees Sagittarius. I am the mast for people in a storm, eerily quiet and strong in stress, one you want near, my right hip sometimes bothers me, and my left arm has been broken twice, mainly while catching me in a fall. Guess my profession, guess my passion.

  2. Moon 16° Leo conjunct Mercury (chart ruler) at 21° Leo 11th house. 🙂 Yes, I can sound very sharp and bossy, but in writing it’s like a machinery. I am also very motherly (strict mother type) to my friends. Like for example two summers in the row I’m taking care of cats of my friends during some days in Summer time. My friend is a Libra and he was stacking dirty dishes in his kitchen, in all empty spots he can fit in lol. My Virgo rising + Moon 0 Mercury in 11th turned his place upside down. It was funny, I felt like one of those ladies in that show where they clean up horrible mess of other people. 29° Virgo rising is a combination with chart ruler and Moon. Astrology really is hilarious. Thank you!


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