Uranus trine Uranus

SEP 28. Jupiter square or opposite Uranus can be quite fanatical in the pursuit of personal freedom. This is due to the dynamism of the hard aspects creating sparks from Uranus and amplified by fellow sky god Jupiter. This is an incredibly rebellious and forceful aspect and can bring great success for the individual who has this, especially if they are involved with spiritual or social reformation. They create exciting new utopias and visions for the future that can inspire others to follow them on their path to illumination.

Jupiter opposite Uranus dates: 26 December 2016, 2 March 2017, 28 September 2017
Jupiter square Uranus dates: 26 February 2014,  20 April 2014, 17 January 2021.

Uranus is the great enlightener, so it can be a Kundalini awakening also since with Jupiter spirituality and sex merge. Jupiter and Uranus also both share thunderbolts in common! Uranus is associated with electricity, so these fellows both need a great deal of space to allow that inspirational lightening to fizzle freely. Jupiter square or opposite Uranus is controversial, volatile, spirited but always unique and inventive. They come up with the most eccentric ideas, which tend to be rejected at first, until the world catches up with them.

Religious Rebels & Sudden Departures

These folk are religious rebels who are not likely to take up their parent’s beliefs, as they want to be unconstrained by dogma. Often though, they will replace parental religious doctrines with some other ritual. Their replacement ‘God’ may be a footballer, or a rock star, but they will still be worshipped with the same kind of devotional fervour. Another manifestation of this aspect is a fascinated for other worlds, ancient wisdom and alien philosophies.

Jupiter/Uranus will feel more at home with foreign beliefs than with that of their native culture. Travel of course is extremely important to them, and they are the eternal gypsies, especially if they have personal planets plugged into this aspect. But with these hard aspects they may also be labelled commitment-phobes when it comes to settling down with a mate.

Jupiter square UranusYes, Jupiter was the nymph chaser and Uranus is unconventional in its relationship choices. These people need space like they need air to breathe and get claustrophobic if pressured into living within the boundaries of a timetable. Jupiter in hard aspect to Uranus always wants the opportunity to make a sudden getaway if need be.

These people thrive on sudden departures to exotic, far flung places. They also love wide-open spaces, trekking up mountains and feeling the wind in their hair. Jupiter square or opposite Uranus natives have a dashing appeal and are sexually electric, but they are notoriously difficult to pin down.



  1. Hi, Marina. Thanks for revising this post, as it brought my attention to it. I was born with an extremely tight (4′) sextile from Jupiter in the 6th to Uranus in the 8th (18.31). Jupiter and Uranus are squaring my natal Uranus’ as we speak’ 🙂 I left my wallet on the bus on 11/11, but at least the thief left me all my ID, cards, and papers. The opposition was that same night.

    On the plus side, I have been enormously creative — doing art, music, screenwriting, etc. while Jupiter is conjunct my natal Saturn and Neptune in Libra, which I believe is a great indicator/help of activating my learned skills that can result in physical works of art. Sometimes they’re not bad. 🙂

    The pairing of Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries really should let creative artists produce some amazing work next year. It has even got me motivated to dust off the keyboards and guitars, and record a music CD. Ha!

    Thank you, Marina, for your wisdom and this forum. I hope Jupiter in Libra is helping you too.

    Peace on Earth,

    • Sorry, I meant to state my natal Uranus was at 18.31 Cancer, square to the current transiting Jupiter and Uranus opposition. Another synchro is: I received radiation therapy counseling today. Hopefully not necessary if everything else goes well next month. The astrological outlook, and the diagnosis both look good. I only bring it up because Uranus and radiotherapy are synonymous, astrologically.


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