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Jupiter Square Uranus


Jupiter square UranusJupiter square Uranus can be quite fanatical in the pursuit of personal freedom. This is due to the dynamism of the square aspect creating sparks from Uranus and then further amplified by fellow sky god Jupiter. This is an incredibly rebellious and forceful aspect and can bring great success for the individual who has this, especially if they are involved with spiritual or social reformation. They create exciting new utopias and visions for the future that can inspire others to follow them on their path to illumination. Uranus is the great enlightener, so it can be a Kundalini awakening also since Jupiter is associated with spirituality. Jupiter and Uranus both share thunderbolts in common and Uranus is associated with electricity, so these fellows both need a great deal of space to allow that inspirational lightening to frizzle freely. Jupiter square Uranus is controversial, volatile, spirited but always unique and inventive. They come up with the most eccentric ideas, which tend to be rejected at first, until the world catches up with them.

Religious Rebels & Sudden Departures

These folk are religious rebels they will most likely not take up their parent’s beliefs, as they want to be free of religion. Often though, they will replace parental religious doctrines with some other ritual. Their replacement “God” may be a footballer, or a rock star, but it will still be worshipped with the same devotional fervour. Another manifestation of this aspect is that these folk will be fascinated by other cultures. They will feel more at home with foreign beliefs than that of their native culture. Travel of course is extremely important to them, these folk are the eternal gypsies if they have personal planets plugged into this aspect. Since this is the square they may also be labelled commitment phobes. Jupiter was the nymph chaser and Uranus is so unconventional in its relationship choices. These people need space like they need air to breathe, they may get very claustrophobic if pressured into sticking to some sort of timetable. They always want the opportunity to make a sudden getaway if need be. These people thrive on sudden departures to exotic, far flung places. They also love wide-open spaces, trekking up mountains and feeling the wind in their hair. These folk have a dashing appeal and are sexually electric, but they are notoriously difficult to pin down.


Michael Douglas (03’), Marshall Applewhite (04’), Henry Mancini (05’), Samuel Taylor Coleridge (06’), Jamie Lee Curtis (23’), Paul Gauguin (26’), Jim Jones (32’), Joan Of Arc, George Orwell, John F Kennedy, Madeleine’s Abduction, James Dean, Sean Connery, Marlon Brando, Barbara Castle, Edward VII, Brooke Shields, Chrissie Hynde, Dean Martin, Sam Cooke, Henry Mancini, Igor Stravinsky, Hekate Discovery.


  1. I so enjoy reading these posts, not only because of the content, but because of the writing style, which resonates with me because of its touch of wait and humour, plus it is always so spot on.
    I guess with Uranus and Jupiter in my 11th I will be feeling this!
    Jenny ren