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Jupiter Square Pluto ~ Cults

Jupiter square Pluto

AUG 4: Jupiter square or opposite Pluto can be a zealous preacher, obsessive predator or magician. Sometimes all at the same time! At the very worst, this archetype is one of a cult leader who abuses his power in order to have sex with his disciples. Jupiter is religion/law and Pluto is politics.

As a transit, this can be a period where one can feel witch-hunted and persecuted or worried about rubbing authorities up the wrong way. This does not mean bowing down to these ‘masters’, just having to be careful with tactics. Going down the most direct, activist route only gives the elite an excuse to censor and crank down even harder on the dissent. The freedom is fought for however, but underground.

Jupiter Square Pluto ~  4 August 2017

Pluto does things in secret and the reason Jupiter’s wisdom is occulted is to keep the manifestation magic for themselves (Hence secret societies). The vampiric minority elite then use that sorcery to extract energy/money/resources from the majority. At the same time the inexperienced shouldn’t fool around with this powerful energy either. Opening channels to godly dimensions can overload a fragile human already challenged by everyday pollutants. Pluto detoxing is vital then, in order to safety hold the light without blowing a fuse. One also needs that clarity in order to discern the authenticity of any wisdom received. Is it truth or propaganda?

Jupiter and Pluto have abduction and sex in common, but their mating strategy is very different. Jupiter was a greedy nymph chaser who loved and left them, while Pluto stalked exclusively his child bride Persephone whom he wanted to keep captive for all of time. You can see this Jupiter/Pluto can easily bring about an obsessive pursuit of a love object. The same themes of pedophilia come up again, but also death cults. Religious martyrdom and suicide bombers could be a manifestation of this aspect in the collective. One must be careful not to project most negative of this very transpersonal aspect onto someone personally. Psychopathic tendencies and satanic ritual abuse are just one of many ways this aspect can play out.

Jupiter Opposite Pluto Transit

Jupiter square opposition plutoJupiter opposite Pluto is a powerful rod, but it is a conductor. The problem with this aspect is in identifying too much with the power that is being channeled. Those who have this aspect natally, or those that have personal planets plugging into this in the sky must guard the tendency to think that they are the God/dess themselves rather than being the servant of the deity in question. As Robert Hand warns “This can be a time when you get promotion in your work or gain power in some other way to change the lives of people around you. But it can also be a time when all your efforts come to nothing and that you find yourself loosing out in a perpetual war with people in power” [1]

Jupiter opposite Pluto happened twice in 2014. That year, the Gods of the BBC were brought down by pedophile sex scandals involving various celebrities presenters and underage girls. “ Jupiter’s need for continual expansion can result in an over inflated sense of reality that has no basis in the real world. Pluto on the other hand demands nothing less than Truth with a capital “T” – the ultimate Truth that can be known only when artifice and the superficial are discarded, and when Pluto interacts with Jupiter the inflated hopes and dreams of Jupiter can often be burst.”Lynn Hayes

Lynn’s quote describes very well how these jovial presenters inflated sense of self was stripped down by Pluto’s truncheon. Jupiter opposite Pluto can relate to the Catholic Church too. In September 2013, Ex-Pope Benedict denied covering up sexual abuse by Catholic priests as pressure mounted on him to speak-out on the matter. As with all oppositions, the challenge is integrating the two opposites. Power and religion can combine to make a fanatic. As you can see from the list below, this opposition can bring super success. The problem is that it also can generate a lot of resentment because of the ruthless tactics used to get to the top. This opposition can bring trouble with authorities and the law. Depending on which side is being activated, one can be the judge or the criminal. It can also be addiction (Pluto) V religions (Jupiter).

Jupiter/Pluto ~ Hard Aspects

Jupiter Square Pluto

You can see from the list below there are some really eminent folk below with this aspect. But I decided to highlight those who were most interesting in terms of the taboo/occult side of this aspect. Marina Abramovic is a performance artist who fashions herself as a bit of a witch. She has carved a pentagram onto her stomach with a razor-blade and has been photographed with serpents and goats skulls. Marina invented the term Spirit-cooking which involves consuming various body fluids. The cult leader aspect plays out pretty strongly with Marina as she is held in high regard by fashionable elites and politicians. Mackenzie Phillips had an incestuous relationship with her father John for 10 years. John Jupiter square opposition plutowas a member of the band ironically called the “Mammas & Papas”. Mackenzie wrote a book about the whole story but shocked the world when she said most of the sex was drug fuelled and consensual. The relationship ended when she was 19 years of age. Pluto toxins, abduction of a minor, abuse of godlike celebrity status. It’s all there. Mackenzie used this aspect in a positive way in the end. She became a whistle blower on the toxic corruption (Pluto) and the grooming of children within the world of the elite gods. (Jupiter).

More Jupiter square PlutoVladimir Putin, Albert Einstein, Yuri Gagarin, Johann Sebastian Bach, Serge Rachmaninoff, Eleanor Roosevelt, Eminem, Joan Baez, Jose Carreras, Chaka Khan, Robert Smith, Geri Halliwell, Frank Zappa, Bryan Adams, Leonard Cohen, Liam Gallagher, Weird Al Yankovic, Serge Gainsbourg, Sophia Loren, Christopher Lee, Cameron Diaz, Charles Bronson, Richard Pryor, Kyle MacLachlan, Sean Bean, Emma Thompson, Faye Dunaway, Christopher Reeve, Mickey Rourke, Judy Garland, Elizabeth Hurley, Tom Baker, Cary Grant, Ben Affleck, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brigitte Bardot, Paula Yates, John McEnroe, Gianni Versace, Mackenzie Phillips, Ted Bundy, Dita Von Teese, Marina Abramovic, Max Ernst, Otto Dix, Terence McKenna, Mark Twain, Jeane Dixon.

Jupiter Opposite Pluto

Natalie Cole is a great example of this aspect since she overcame addictions to heroin and crack cocaine and redeemed herself through spirituality. Two out of her three husbands were connected to religion. Her first husband Marvin Yancy was a Baptist minister he also influenced her conversion to become a devout Baptist. Her last husband was Bishop Kenneth Dupree. David Gahan of Depeche Mode also battled heroin addiction, his band Depeche Mode’s material is littered with Christian iconography in songs like  ‘Personal Jesus’ and album titles such as  ‘Songs of Faith & Devotion’ and  ‘Playing The Angel’.

More Jupiter opposite PlutoSaddam Hussein, Margaret Thatcher, Mata Hari, Isabella I Of Castile, Elizabeth Of Bavaria, Socrates, Colin Powell, George Carlin, Gore Vidal, Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Peter Sellers, Johnny Carson, Morgan Freeman, Cybil Shepherd, Julie Waters, Jane Fonda, Morgan Fairchild, Honor Blackman, Jason Connery, Wesley Snipes, Jack Lemmon, Connie Francis, B. B King, Frankie Valli, Peter Gabriel, Natalie Cole, Adele, David Gahan, Jeff Stryker, Miriam Stoppard, Paul Cezanne, Robert Altman, Lady Bird Johnson, Tracy Caulkins, Jay Rockefeller, Alan Whicker.

1. Robert Hand. Planets In Transit. Pg 307.


  1. So, speaking of sex scandals (Pluto)….how about the one involving yoga guru (Jupiter) Bikram Choudhury? Have you guys read any of the Vanity Fair articles that were published on this topic back in Dec/Jan?


    I feel really bad for practitioners of Bikram yoga in the wake of this scandal – It’s definitely not good press when your guru is accused of something like this…

    This line, in particular, stood out to me – “Lynn’s quote describes very well how these jovial presenters inflated sense of self was stripped down by Pluto’s truncheon”. If the VF article doesn’t mirror this precise sentiment, I don’t know what does…..!

    I find it interesting that this was also around the time of Lilith’s last conjunction to Jupiter, both being trine Saturn in Scorpio then…could it be that Lilith was demanding accountability for this guru’s perverse use of his “authority”? We will have to see how this all shakes out……

  2. Anything about Jupiter conjunct Pluto? I have Pluto at 26 degrees of Leo, and Jupiter 4 degrees away at 0 degrees Virgo. I have noticed that this aspect makes me VERY comfortable with the “dark side” of the occult, especially with Saturn in Scorpio exactly SQUARE Pluto. Since Chronos/Saturn (father of BOTH Jupiter and Pluto) was imprisoned in Tartarus (Pluto’s realm) by Jupiter, I figure Pluto and his dad have a sort of “close relationship” with each other in a way. Being friendly with the dark side has been an advantage in life; it is a lot less likely to hit you over the head and drag you into its clutches; you get to ride along in Pluto’s chariot instead of being dragged on to it kicking and screaming. It must never be forgotten that while Persephone was taken away against her will, she also ended up the Queen of the Underworld, married to the most powerful Olympian,who was even more powerful and formidable than Jupiter, along with all the wealth of the Earth at her command (“Pluto” means “wealth”) AND Pluto was not an abusive or cheaty husband the way Jupiter was; in fact he only ever looked at one other woman, the nymph Mentha- and Persephone turned her into a mint plant. So to write Pluto off merely as a evil rapist is a mistake.

    • but pluto is not evil in itself, it just has a certain energy. the aspect in my chart that I feel most puzzled by is the pluto-jupiter-mercury-saturn stellium. I feel sensitive and rather tender-hearted and dreamy and this is like a metallic force-field or battery of resources. It is rather impersonate and seems harsh to my sensitive soul and other neptunian aspects. but I guess it brings great power, as with all pluto aspects a fascination with power, or insight in power, and since the pluto is imploding energy and jupiter is expanding, its sort of electro-magnetic and you can use it either way. but what is power? its just intensity.
      you have to sort of surrender and let it pass through you, through the natural world, to be sublimated into various natural powers, flow with it and release it, not try to catch it, then it gets thwarted. Pluto-jupiter is transformation, and a good way to be creative, I think it might help for the dramatic arts (theatre) , and other arts, for example.


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