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Assange, Eris & WikiLeaks


Here is an update on a post I wrote about Julian Assange back in 2010*. How little has changed! Strange I wrote “No doubt a phone call from Hillary..” in 2010, but anyway… Here we are in 2016 and Wikileaks may decide the fate of the USA! Currently Assange is taking refuge at the Embassy of Equador in London. On the day of the Aries Eris/Uranus Full Moon, Assange’s internet access was cut off. It was said this was due to WikiLeaks interfering with the results of the US election.

Assange himself has a natal 8th house Sun in a T-square to Uranus opposite Eris, so he is a great facilitator of this revelatory Uranus/Eris energy. At the same time these Eris apple bombs are being counter-bombed by sexual accusations from the Democrats. Of course Assange himself has also been accused of rape. It seems with Eris, the forbidden fruit of sex and occulted information, go hand-in-hand. If you want to go straight to the Assange US Election up date part, click here.

Julian Assange the founder of Wiki-leaks* is still on the run from the Swedish police. There is an interpol warrant out for his arrest for an alleged rape. The latest news is that Paypal have withdrawn their services. Assange was being funded by donations to his site, no doubt a phone call from Hillary did the trick. Assange’s birth details are now available. (but we didn’t have his time in 2010.) Looking at his horoscope I find his T square to the Sun the most revealing with respect to his image as an outlaw and renegade.

I think personally Assange’s efforts to expose the corruption of governments is something to be applauded and am not surprised that Uranus should feature strongly in his chart. Astrology King’s interpretation of Sun square Uranus describes Assange pretty well. “Their need to express their distinctive ego through their personality and career can often cause conflict with others because it can come across as abrupt, rebellious or just weird. There is no doubt however, that the tension of the square aspects pushes these people to achieve brilliance in creative self expression…of a different kind.”

But there is a Plutonic edge to Assange also, the uncovering the festering toxicity of the elite makes him an activist. He is not simply a rebel without a cause which can be one of the failings of the Uranus square. It goes much deeper.

Eris/Uranus T square to Sun

Julian Assange HoroscopeAssange stands out from other Uranian weirdos because his Sun is caught in a T-square between Uranus opposition Eris. This was within a 1º orb from May-July in 1971 (the year he was born) and again in March/April 1972. This is a great opportunity to study Eris for me. The archetype of Eris shows very strongly in Assange. Eris is the Goddess of discord and even her discovery caused ructions.

In Eris’s anger and hurt at not being invited to Peleus and Thetis wedding, she decided to rock the boat by throwing a golden apple inscribed “To the fairest” into the wedding party. This apple bomb was deemed responsible for the Trojan war. This ‘wedding’ for Assange in modern times could be the mainstream media club and Hollywood glitterati.

So in a chart, Eris is where you are made the scapegoat, it’s the ugly duckling that doesn’t fit into the ‘cool’ gang  It’s where you scream “The Emperor has no clothes!”. Uranus doesn’t give a monkeys if he doesn’t fit in. If fact most of the time he is blissfully unaware that he is experienced as bonkers. Eris on the other hand cares very much. Her attitude is “One day I’ll show you”. She wants payback on all the playground teasing, she wants divine retribution. Conversely, where Uranus is sometimes self-conscious, awkward and uncomfortable in social situations, Eris relishes in her “outlaw” status, milking it for all its worth. Unfortunately this bravado only serves to alienate her even more.

Eris in Astrology ~ Exposes & Scandal

Eris’s general attitude is one of “If you can’t join them, beat them!”. She can be jealous and vengeful also, just as Ereshkigal was towards her sister Innana in the Mesopotamian version of the Persephone myth. Innana being the Venus/Aphrodite archetype. Eris is the shadow, like Pluto. She seems to be a cross between Pluto and Uranus, but dipped in Martian red warpaint. She is a Dark Goddess, but with some of the Neptune mysticism of Lilith, but far more upfront and bolshy. Lilith is seductive and bewitching, while Eris is a ruthless predator when it comes to ensnaring her man.

The list of famous people with Eris in hard aspect or conjunct the AC or MC shows feisty women, political agitators, trouble makers and a few sex scandals.

At 3º orb; Galileo, Einstein, Bill Clinton, Timothy Leary, General Franco, Hermann Goering, Ronald Reagan, Fidel Casto, John Lennon, Joan Collins, Elizabeth Taylor, Reggie Kray, Michaelangelo, Milton, Rock Hudson, Glenda Jackson, Cindy Sherman, Nicolas Cage, Princess Margaret of Great Britain, Titanic hits Iceberg, The Bali Bombing, Jeffrey Archer, Tracy Emin, Eve Sedgwick, Joan Baez, Cat Sevens, Barbra Streisand, Camila Parker-Bowles, Christopher Lee, George Washington, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Cher.

Back to Julian Assange. His Eris is not on an angle, but looking at the above list he really would fit in there. He has the vampy look of Christopher Lee, the sex scandals of Clinton and the christ-like status of Lennon. Assange has been demonised by the US government like Timothy Leary, who was once called by President Nixon ‘the most dangerous man in America.’ Galileo’s ideas on heliocentrism had him under house arrest in the last years of his life having being labelled a heretic by the Church.

Update Uranus/Eris 2016, Assange & The US Election

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  1. Its worth noting too – if the 8.02 am chart is correct for Hilary – that she has pr. Sun and Mercury opposite Sirius and pr Moon square! Remember the “best and the worst” in humanity via Sirius! IN the a.m chart she also has Algol conj the desc. This might make sense of her bizarre facial expressions etc which have been interpreted as various illnesses? Her pr MC is conjunct Venus and Mercury in the 12th of the natal .. actually there’s so much subterfuge in her secondary progressions you need to really have a look rather than me describe it!!! Obama also has tr Pluto on his pr MC opposing Sirius. The transit of Pluto opposite Sirius is of course for everyone now – his role, the way I see it is as a somewhat weak middle ground with his pr Sun at 6° Libra – no particularly strong aspects to Pluto, Uranus or Sirius ATM. Averge strategy, no power but keeping up appearances in Libran fashion.
    DT btw also has Algol on his natal MC (over to you Marina!) and pr Mercury on his 12th house Pluto – the truth and nothing but the truth from a deep deep source. His PR Sun is in Virgo ( the small precise hand gesture where his palm is raised and his forefinger and thumb make a circle is an involuntary yoga dhyana mudra – absolute concentration required for meditation!) His tr N node is opposed by tr Neptune so as Joni Patry says – he is sacrificial in this play! He is definitely a tool for the exposure of something even if he doesn’t win the election!
    Assange’s pr Moon is exact conj Sirius now and trine tr Jupiter which is conj his pr MC.
    If his asc is correct (only a B on astro) Hilary’s entire Scorpio stellium sits within it – like a scorpion burrowing its way through…HIs PR sun and Venus are conj in Leo and conjunct DT’s natal Mars – so he’s ore helpful to DT than HC perhaps although she also has a somewhat counter “spirit of Leo” stellium of Mars Pluto and Saturn…killjoy!

    Anyway – the icing on my Sirian cake is this – a multi composite for the three charts, DT, HC and JA reveals Saturn conjunct Sirius! Let the WORK commence! Magick of huge proportions!

    • This whole Sirius connection is really interesting. I really have to do a feature on this star. My daughter has Saturn on Sirius square her Sun and she loves dogs. Dogs as protectors and guides goes back millennia.

      I don’t know about the 8am time, but Algol on Hillary’s DC would more likely be how she views her enemies. I’m finishing off a post on Hillary today. Coincidently I wrote in the post that I have used Chelsea’s chart as the mirror into which I could view the Algol Medusa… safely!

      I hope Assange is ok. Saw quite few concerned tweets on Twitter this morning!


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