Julian Assange


Julian Assange the founder of Wiki-leaks is still on the run from the Swedish police. There is an interpol warrant out for his arrest for an alleged rape. The latest news is that Paypal have withdrawn their services. He was being funded by donations to his site, no doubt a phone call from Hilary did the trick. Julian’s birth details are now available, unfortunately we don’t have a time. Looking at his horoscope I find his T square to the Sun the most revealing with respect to his image as an outlaw and renegade.

I think personally his efforts to expose the corruption of governments are something to be applauded and am not surprised that Uranus should feature strongly in his chart. Jamie’s interpretation of Sun square Uranus describes him pretty well. “Their need to express their distinctive ego through their personality and career can often cause conflict with others because it can come across as abrupt, rebellious or just weird. There is no doubt however, that the tension of the square aspects pushes these people to achieve brilliance in creative self expression…of a different kind.”

But there is a Plutonic edge to him also, the uncovering the festering toxicity of the elite makes him an activist. He is not simply a rebel without a cause which can be one of the failings of the Uranus square. It goes much deeper.

T square to Sun

What makes him stand out from other Uranian weirdo’s is the fact his Sun is caught in a T square between Uranus opposing a Eris/Chiron conjunction of just 44’. This was within a one deg orb from May-July in 1971 (the year he was born) and again in March/April 1972. This is a great opportunity to study Eris for me. I really do see the archetype of Eris very strongly in him. Eris is the Goddess of discord. Even her discovery caused ructions as there was a dispute over what name to call her and then further controversy over the reclassification of planets leading to Pluto’s demotion. All very fitting for her birth into the collective consciousness.

In her anger and hurt at not being invited to Peleus and Thetis wedding she decided to rock the boat by throwing a golden apple inscribed “To the fairest” into the wedding party. This “Apple bomb” as I like to call it, is deemed responsible for the Trojan war. Aphrodite should share some of the blame however as it was her offering up the most beautiful, but already married Helen to Paris that was the real cause.  Eris is all about exposing vanity and petty one-upmanship. I see the the wedding as a great example of “bling” culture and clique-ism.

So in a chart Eris is where you are made the scapegoat, it’s the ugly duckling that doesn’t fit into the “Cool” gang  It’s where you throw eggs at politicians, where you scream “The Emperor has no clothes!”. Uranus doesn’t give a monkeys if he doesn’t fit in. If fact most of the time he is blissfully unaware that he is experienced as bonkers. Eris on the other hand cares very much. Her attitude is “One day I’ll show you”. She wants payback on all the playground teasing, she wants divine retribution. Conversely where Uranus is sometimes self-conscious, awkward and uncomfortable in social situations, Eris relishes in her “outlaw” status, milking it for all its worth. Unfortunately this bravado only serves to alienate her even more.

Eris in the chart

Eris’s general attitude is one of “If you can’t join them, beat them!”. She can be jealous and vengeful also, just as Ereshkigal was towards her sister Innana in the Mesopotamian version of the Persephone myth. Innana being the Venus/Aphrodite archetype. Eris is the shadow, like Pluto. She seems to be a cross between Pluto and Uranus, but dipped in Martian red warpaint. She is a Dark Goddess, but with less of the Neptune mysticism of Lilith. She is far more upfront and bolshy. Lilith is more seductive and bewitching, while Eris is ruthless predator when it comes to ensnaring her man.

The list of famous people with Eris in hard aspect or conjunct the AC or MC is impressive if you are looking for feisty women with balls, political agitators, trouble makers or a few sex scandals.

At 3 degrees and under we get; John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor, Reggie Kray, Hermann Goering, Ronald Regan, Milton, Fidel Casto, Tatum O’Neil, Martina Navratalova, Venus Williams, Joan Collins, Rock Hudson, Bill Clinton, Glenda Jackson, General Franco, Cindy Sherman, Timothy Leary, Janet Street-Porter, Nick Clegg, Gordon Brown, Paul Weller, Liv Tyler, Nicolas Cage, Princess Margaret of Great Britain, Princess Anne of Great Britain, Titanic hits Iceberg, The Bali Bombing, Jeffrey Archer, Tracy Emin, Eve Sedgwick, Galileo, Einstein, Joan Baez, Cat Sevens, Barbra Streisand, Camila Parker-Bowles, Christopher Lee, George Washington, Eleanor Roosevelt, Michaelangelo and Cher.

Back to Julian Assange. We don’t know if he has Eris angular like the people above. Looking at the list he really would fit in there. He has the vampy look of Christopher Lee, the sex scandals of Clinton and the anti-establishment almost christ-like status of Lennon. He has been demonized by the US government like Timothy Leary and he has that loose canon brat-ish demeanor of irreverent modern artist Tracey Emin.

Another aspect of Eris is her connection to Persephone. It has a Persephone type orbit and Zane Stein’s interpretation draws from this. Of course Persephone has a connection with rape. We cant speculation on his guilt with the rape allegations, but one of the themes of those who have had that experience is that after going through the darkness, successful rape survivors take back their power and become Queens. This describes Ereshkigal’s descent into the underworld and being stripped of her belongings, then hung out on a meat hook. It also seems to describe what has happened to Julian himself. Stripped of his support from Paypal and having to go underground from the hounding by the establishment.

The Eris/Chiron Conjunction

He does have Eris square his Sun which is important because it makes this  Eris/Chiron conjunction more personal. Eris and Chiron were partile conjunct around May-July 1971 and then again March/April 1972. In Sept 71 Uranus opposed this conjunction to add even more rebellion and freedom fighting to the mix. This happened again in June/July of 1972. I remember the early 1970’s as a really free time. Sexual liberation was at it’s height and it seemed like the 60’s ideals of individualism and freedom to express oneself had reached it’s peak of frilly velvet suits, ridiculous bell bottoms and platform shoes. Sex was safe without a condom. TV comics were sexist and politically incorrect. The atmosphere is very well portrayed in “Life On Mars”, a British cop show set in 1973.

Eris, like Gene Hunt in the cop show, takes the law into her own hands and is extremely ambitious. Like Anne Boleyn she wants to be Queen and could never be content with being a mere mistress. She will fight for the underdog and see that justice is done. She wants fairness and cannot abide hypocrisy. She is the ultimate Warrior Queen. Being a Goddess she does not do things in the normal linear masculine way, she challenges the concept of power, she encourages you to stand up to the bullies and turn the tables. She is the only match for Pluto because she can play him at his own game, twisting it to suit her own agenda. She ducks and dives, stealing Pluto’s invisible helmet at times. There she bides her time waiting for the optimum moment to shock her audience. The she will suddenly rip off her disguise to reveal flaming red tresses and her fearsome fiery whistle-blowing breath.

Julian is like the renegade cop Gene Hunt then, having Eris square his Sun suggests he wants crowning for it. Like Anne Boleyn he is demonized and becomes the shadow and like she was branded a witch he is also now being witch hunted. These are all Erithian traits. His Eris is conjunct Chiron. So he has also become the scapegoat and sacrificial lamb. I do no know much about his childhood. But it maybe that he has suffered at the hands of bullys at some point, His childhood wounds may have Eris themes. Chiron thinks outside the box and is the maverick.  In opposition to Uranus can become obsessive in rectifying those wrongs and take it upon himself to dish out karma.

Other celebrities who share this Uranus opposition to Chiron/Eris are: River Phoenix, Uma Thurman, David “Dr Who” Tennant, Sasha “Borat” Baron-Cohen and Winona Ryder. Uma and Winona share a kooky Dark Goddessy vibe. Tennant played the Doctor as a Chironic Timelord with a bit of a savior complex and Sasha Baron-Cohen caused a stir around America in his portrayal of Borat and then even more shockingly so as uber-gay Bruno.

Julian’s Synastry with the US

In the light of Paypals withdrawal of support. I thought it important to look at Julian’s effect on the US Sibley chart. Most interesting is his Mercury conjunct the US Mercury in the occult 8th house. This is the house for conspiracy and espionage. Mercury being the communication of such matters. It’s like Julian is a permanent transit in exposing the US’s secrets. His true Lilith/Pluto conjunction is conjunct the US MC which is very telling. True Lilith being the taboo and Pluto being the ugly truth. It’s like he is a a big black blot on America’s image and status. His all important Chiron/Eris conjunction opposes the US Saturn. This is it’s status as big daddy. Eris is therefore challenging the US’s authority in the world.

Right now Julian has Tr Saturn opposing his Eris/Chiron conjunction. This is seriously blocking his ability as a warrior and maverick. Corrected by precession, Saturn is has only just made this aspect. It was exact on the 29th of November. By the end of December he should get his mojo back again, but of course we don’t know if he has Pluto transiting any of his angles. But if we put his birthtime at 8.30am he would have Pluto sextiling his Moon right now.

The 8.30am time is worth considering since it put’s his Eris/Chiron conjunction in the taboo 8th house. And would makes his Moon parallel Mirzam  He has been called the whistle blower, so how apt is it that this star is in the paw of Canis Major, one of the “The Announcers”, heralding the coming of Sirius, the biggest star in the sky, because they rose before Sirius in the night sky. In Arabia they were imagined as two dogs. One can imagine barking dogs announcing the arrival of visitors, or barking dogs bringing something to people’s attention: Many radio and TV announcers are influenced by either of these two stars (birth-charts from the AstroDataBank program).”[1]

I see Julian’s Chiron/Eris conjunction as potential to become “martyred” in the public’s eye. These attempts to crush him by governments will only fuel this. Once Saturn takes his leaden foot off Julian’s neck I would hope that the whole thing will backfire. His Chiron star is good. It’s conjunct Alpheratz in the head of Andromeda. “It gives independence, freedom, love, riches, honor and a keen intellect.” [2]  Until then, it looks like his Mercury star, Pollux, is making its influence felt. A case of shooting the messenger I think here, as Pollux is regarded as the “Evil twin”.  With Mercury our cheery friend Robson predicts will give an “Unbalanced mind, unpopular and peculiar occupation, trouble with father through relatives or enemies.” [3] I see Pollux as writing about uncomfortable, taboo and shadow stuff. This would of course displease the Father, ie Saturn. Right now Julian is wrestling with father Saturn, but it will be interesting to see what will happen in the new year.

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