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NOTE: This is the old style Synastry reading I used to do with Jamie. He did the natals here and the synastry paragraph. I will put up a  Audio File of the new version using a famous couple soon. It will atleast 90 minutes in lenght, and a similar format to this. It will focus less on the individual natals and more on how they relate to each other. I will add inter-aspects to ansticia charts and evaluate how likely it is to go long term using my new soulmate evaluation formula.~ Marina



There are some very tight aspects in the chart which are strong and define the whole thing. The two most important are Mars on the Descendant (DC) and Moon opposite Mercury. Both involve very personal parts of the chart (AC/DC and inner planets) so most definitely the defining features of the whole chart. I’ll start with what I believe is the single most important aspect, Mars on DC.

The Ascendant is most personal, describing your soul, who you really are. The Descendant describes the close one to one relationships in your life, and with Mars there they are going to be fiery. Mars is combative and suggest that deep in your soul there is an issue of fighting in the past which is now a major issue for this life. Mars here was probably a war, or a personal fight, could have involved physical injury or sex.

So in the close relationships you have this life with partners will have a karmic feel to them involving a past life together where you were in conflict, either they hurt you or you hurt them. Both situations are possible, one partner may have hurt you, another one you may have hurt, or sometimes you were both hurt. These relationships you have are going to bring out deeply buried anger and hostility from the soul memory, you will both be strongly attracted to each other physically and sexually, but there will be arguments and these are necessary to revolve the karma from the past.

We can gain more insight by looking at the fixed stars involved in this aspect. You have two rising stars, they are at the same position, just 13 minutes from your rising degree. These two stars were rising on the eastern horizon the moment you were born so they impart their influence on your whole life. One is called Vulpecula, the Fox and the Goose. It’s influence supports the Mars theme. “It gives a cunning, voracious and fierce nature, together with a keen mind”. [Robson]. The other star is called gamma Sagitta, the Arrow.

Here we have another indication of the Mars theme, warfare of some kind, piercing with an arrow. “It is said to give a keen mind with ability for abstract thought and teaching or writing, irritability, jealousy and danger of hostility and bodily harm.” [Robson]. So in your soul we have a warrior, and these stars fit so well with having Mars on your DC, they also start to form a picture of a very sharp intellect. That jealousy mentioned by Robson for Sagitta is another issue which Mars on DC raises. Because of the intense attraction by one or both in the relationships, jealousy may be an issue.

Both Mars and the DC are on the same star in the constellation of Cancer the Crab. Mars is conjunct Praesaepe by just one minute. When you read through the mythology, you will find it has little to do with the archetypal Cancer or crab. It is a very karmic and spiritual star, and like Mars, and like your rising stars, brings up issues of karma regarding injury from warfare. There is no doubt here that the major theme is your life revolves around relationship you form with people who were enemies in a previous life. These people will be attracted to you, or you will be attracted to them, or both. The desire in the soul is to come together again to resolve the karma, the heal that wound from the past. This aspect of Mars on DC suggests this, and the stars on both AC and DC confirm this.

The karmic theme in this picture that is emerging is supported by the aspect to the Mars from the Lunar Nodes. Mars is quincunx South Node, and a quincunx is an aspect of karma and suggests that rebalanced is the issue this life. The South Node itself is about past lives. The South Node is conjunct the fixed star Skat which indicated you were rather successful in the past and also brings in psychic ability. The North Node is where you are heading, and conjunct Thuban also suggests big time success.

From this I see the conflict from Mars is mainly because you were a skilled operator in the past, and were victorious because of this skill, and clever intellect aided by psychic abilities. The anger and jealousy may well be from
the others in your life, not so much from you. This may be difficult on you as you believe you are not at fault, or have done nothing to deserve the hostility. Perhaps you did harm these people before as they were enemies, which was the only thing to do in that situation, and you did it for just reasons.

The problem is that they have this wound in their soul that needs healing, and you are best equipped to heal it. You will also have a wound in your soul as you inflicted the pain, regardless of the fact that it had to be done. This is supported by the sesquisquare (135 degrees) from your AC to Saturn. A sesquisquare aspect is about tension and changes in circumstances, and Saturn here will be your feeling of responsibility for past actions and the guilt which may come from that. By understanding that you acted justly, protecting yourself and your loved ones from threats, then any deeply buried feelings of guilt can be turned into a strong self respect and sense of accomplishment.

What you are attracted to

As you know from the natal reading you have that feisty Mars on the DC. You said you were a commitment-phobe and this might be why. Mars is pure Independence and self sufficiency. It looks after number one and not too into much give and take or wanting any responsibility. But what you have here is what you attract in others so. Like attracts like. You are attracted to this kind of guy because it makes you feel like yourself. But you have a pretty crowded 7th house, so you also do want a man who will commit eventually, but give you a really long rein. The strongest planet in your 7th is Jupiter so a very enthusiastic, fun and freedom loving guy who loves to travel and philosophize.

The constellation on your DC is The Argo -The Great Ship. So again this is a voyager. Someone who doesn’t stay in one place too long and is constantly changing for you. You can’t abide boredom and stick in the muds. The Sun in the 8th you want the sex and mystery too opposed Ceres and Eris brings the Persephone myth into it. So you do like a bit of being sweep away by his big dark schooner. Your Juno (The official spouse) is in the 6th so you would like someone who will take care of you also, but not too much! You just want the healing hands and a bit of massage now and again.


How Marty’s chart attracts you

Now he actually has Mars in the 7th which gives it a gentler Libra touch, but its also squared Venus so the the push and pull between giving and taking appeals to you because it reflects that battle within you. It also gives him great simmering sex appeal. But he also has Saturn in the 7th which will make him quietly reliable and solid as a rock when you need him to be. His Sun IS in the 6th making him quite the Virgo that your Juno is after! With Mercury in there too he should have healing hands. His MC, how he comes across to the public is conjunct Pluto in the voyaging 9th house, so there is your Pluto in his great black ship. But I’ved saved the best to last. Mighty Mars again, well its quincunx his AC so he comes across very sexy, passionate and the independent spirit you want. Fantastic.


How Marty’s chart effects you

Your Sun is in his 10th, he can feel quite bossy sometimes, there could be some battles here where you feel like his daughter and want to rebel when he gets too “protective”. Your Moon is in his 4th which is another parental house. This can be pretty co-dependant. you could feel extremely sensitive to him and vulnerable. Your Venus in his tenth also so you do see him as a your protector and stable rock. Your Mars in his 8th. Is super sexy, sexy sexy! Can be naughty tho, to the point of S & M. Your Juno is in his 7th, so you see him as your spouse totally.  Your AC in his 2nd. Your soul finds him secure and good for your self esteem. You feel indulged and sensual, but also could feel too possessed by him. You would feel supported financially. This aspect works best if you were in business together.


There are two rising stars. The closest one is a little star in Ara, the Altar which gives a healthy ego, devotion and a religious nature. The other one, much bigger is Sabik in Ophiuchus, the Healer. This one also gives devotion in the form of passion and blind good-heartedness. It can however result in being led astray and a loss of energy. There is devotion and religion here but also the acceptance of the darker side of of the moral spectrum. This can mean that he is comfortable with positions other than the missionary position, and is also familiar with the moral code on the streets and is able to adapt to this, play the game with no rules and succeed in this area.

With Mercury opposite the ascendant Marty is going to be a real communicator, always needing mental stimulation from his friends and his partner. Competing at the mental level is healthy and keeps him going. Venus is trine the ascendant and this goes so well with that lovable and loving devoted nature from the rising stars. He will also enjoy having fun, be able to get along with most people and be fun to be around. This should make him popular, great at parties. He should care about how he looks and also appreciate beauty in others. General peace loving, and with Mercury sextile Venus he really is a charming diplomat, skilled in expressing himself with loving words. These three aspects, Mercury opposite ascendant, Venus, Mercury and the AC work together in a very pleasant way to make him a smooth talker, yet genuine and basically a nice person.

The tightest aspect to the ascendant is the quincunx to Mars, so Mars is also tightly square Venus. The solar eclipse last month was on his Mars too, so this will be on show at the moment, his sexuality, desires and aggressive instincts. Mars quincunx the ascendant will play out as a need to compromise and find a balance between fulfilling his desires as compared to those of others, especially the partner. This need to find a balance should be easy because of those great Mercury and Venus aspects. Also Mars on Wasat, is about building bridges and finding common ground. This star also gives the ability to speak with clear authority, no waffling, which again strengthens this theme of the diplomat and even salesman. This could set him up as management material or dealing with the public as a representative for a company of government department.

The influence of Mars gives him a rawness and bad boy influence to counter to nice pleasantries of Mercury and Venus so well aspected. We now come to the only real difficult aspect in the chart, Venus square Mars, and it is a tight one at just 9 minutes orb, very strong. This is going to add tenseness to love relationships. Because of the devoted and loving nature, he is going to love intensely and passionately. It is a love hate aspect and the Mars energy here I feel will work well because all the niceness of the aspects need this feisty energy to make things spark up. He is already loving and has the beautiful words, so some conflict here from Mars will round out the personality and keep the fire in the relationships. This aspect also adds spice to sex, which keeps the slightly dangerous theme from the rising star. Passionate, very physical and nasty enough to make it exhilarating.

The Moon sextile Mars gives popularity too because he is emotionally strong and confident he will stand up for what he believes in. This also gives the courage to fight to women (Moon) in his life. Lots of initiative, a starter and a leader. This aspect will lessen the combativeness of Venus square Mars a bit but still keep the high energy because the sextile is active like Mars. Also adds even more passion and drive in all relationships, and for life in general. The Sun being on Alcyone in constellation Taurus denotes eminence and popularity with honors and advancement. It also gives a feminine quality, men with Sun on this star are usually very attractive to both men and women because of this.

Uranus is on the most fortunate star Arcturus in Bootes which promises lasting success, riches and honors. It also makes him a fighter for a good cause and he will use his power to achieve justice. Uranus on this star is noted for leading to work “entailing quick buying and selling and for dealing with the public.” This man really need to be out there among a large number of people because of his great communication skills and popularity. He could sell ice to the Eskimo’s.

The career is very important to tie all these great qualities together and make the life useful and successful. So many talents for attracting people and making money from his great way of connecting and talking. Pluto is right on the Midheaven (career) so this is a big deal. Big time career, lots of transformation and he should make a big impact in the community and have a powerful effect, big reputation and recognition. He will have a ruthless drive to succeed in the career. Behind all this may be an issue from his youth from one of his parents. He has a need to do better than where he came from, his roots (the IC).

In summary, we have a lovely man, appealing, charming, charismatic, excellent communication skills. A bit of a demon lover away from the public, extremely driven to succeed and all the indicators suggest this will be the case and on a big scale. The outward appearance of friendliness and love is genuine, but underneath this is a burning desire to fight and win. The career is important as this gives the opportunity to fulfill the desires for success and recognition.

What Marty is attracted to

He has flighty Mercury conjunct his DC so he wants a lighthearted, flirty, witty chatterbox who changes the colours of her butterfly wings constantly. Like you then, he cannot be bored! But where you have Jupiter, he has Saturn, so he wants the best of both worlds. Someone stable, ambitious and serious about relationships, in fact mega-serious because he has it square Pluto. But it adds a trans-formative quality to it. Making a need for relationships to really rock his soul deeply. His DC is on Hoedus. One of the kid goats in Auriga. Er… I have this on my AC and its what attracted me to Jamie, so he says. It “ indicates a native who may be petulant and lascivious, one who is said to be involved in depraved and vicious desires.” He said it would mean I am a devil in bed. So Marty wants a devil in bed then!
His Moon is in the 5th which means he is attracted to dramatic, creative and regal women. Romantics who have a childlike playful quality. Also quite the Lioness, he would want them to be passionate and have some bite to them then also. His Juno is conjunct Ceres which is an earthy sensual and voluptuous goddess in the house of communications. So definitely someone he can talk to and play with. Witty and clever like the Mercury conjunct his DC. Someone who is young at heart.

How your chart attracts Marty

Your Venus is in the 8th so that makes you quite a devil in bed for a start. Venus on Arcturus makes it highly sexed and charismatic and on Spica makes it sensual, witty and certainly the earthy voluptuous goddess that his Juno admires. Both make you entertaining and certainly not boring. Also it makes you creative and dramatic which his Moon hungers for.
Your Moon is opposed Mercury tightly so you will have that Gemini touch about you, a great conversationalist, witty, but also quite into verbal sparring. But his Mars should relish in the battle. Moon is in the 2nd/3rd so its partly about being steady, indulgent and partly the mercurial thinker.Both appeal to him. He loves your True Lilith sextile your Uranus, making you electric, exciting and risque in bed! Again it makes you experimental, so not boring. Uranus is supposed to rule sex toys btw.. I don’t know if that counts as Depraved”! lol.

How your chart effects Marty

His Sun is in your 4th house, so he totally feels nurtured and at home with you. Sometimes this can be a little smothering like your Sun in his tenth, this is a similar dynamic, where he feels like a naughty schoolboy at times. His Moon is in your 3rd which is ideal for the kind or relationship he wants, stimulating and witty, communication extremely important. He is getting exactly what he needs here. His Venus in your 2nd again is like your AC in his 2nd. He feels secure and loved by you physically and materially. You indulge him. Also as I said before, very good for making cash together. His Mars in your 6th can be a little bit of a problem. He might feel below you in some way, like your servant. Could be some fights for power here. His Juno in your first, physically you are his ideal mate. You embody everything he wants in a wife. And fire up his enthusiasm and zest for life just by being with him.


The Synastry

Two major conjunctions in synastry and both on the same stars is a big factor drawing you together. Your Neptune on his AC makes him the man of your dreams, he inspires you and you are also an inspiration to him. His Neptune is also trine your Mars DC so this means you both share in a vision for the future together. He is in tune with your desires and sex should be very bonding not only physically but also spiritually.

Your Venus on his Uranus is wonderful because you both share that amazing star Arcturus which makes you both path finders, so you are walking a similar path in this life. His Uranus represent his need for excitement and your love gives it too him. You find him exciting in relation to your needs for affection and love.

Your Saturn trine his Moon is a stabilizing influence on the relationship and a sign of emotional security and also maturity. The love is intense because your Pluto is opposite his Venus, and it also ties into his great aspects with AC and Mercury. You are acting like the power behind this great charisma and communication that he has. He can draw on your own personal power  to really make the most of his aspects here.

You both have planets on your DC’s, you have Mars and he has Mercury. Having a partner is very important for you both. He needs the intellectual stimulation and conversation, you need the passion and energy. His Mars is sextile his Moon and your Mercury is opposite your Moon. What I’m trying to say here is that he needs Mercury from his partner, and you need Mars from your partner.

You gives these to each other in through the common bond of Moon emotions. You have an emotional bond which helps you bring out in each other what you each need in a partner. This will revolve around the home and family and your domestic situation.

Some of your most rewarding time together should be in the seclusion of your home just doing ordinary homely things. Sharing tenderness while hanging out at home and doing the day to day things. This is great for a lasting relationships that you can both be comfortable at home with each other.

Double Whammys/Shared Karma

Moon/Uranus – totally shows the excitement, but also the fear of commitment. This is something that has always been there. Its an opposition too, graphically describing the push-pull. It will always feel abit like one of you is chasing the other while the other is running away. But at least its both ways. Moon/Part Of Fortune - This is souls happiness and feeling nurtured by the other. Suggests you have had a family bond in other lives. Sun/Mercury - fantastic for communications. Always lively, witty and fun times together and suggests a sibling relationship in the past. Sun/Jupiter*great for energy, happiness, enthusiasm. You share the same philosophy on life and good for traveling together. Venus/Uranus - Wow! Another zingy one and really repeats this eccentric unique and electric bond. But this is prone to volatility. It’s highly sexually charged tho and your Venus is conjunct his Uranus by 0º00 minutes!!! I don’t think this is EVER going to get boring. But it’s going to be a rollercoaster I’m sure. The danger is whether you two can handle stability and domesticity.

Venus/Juno -this is in stressful aspect but it adds zing. This shows a history of you both having an ideal of what a husband/wife is supposed to be. Together this suggests you see each other as the perfect mate. But the squares might mean you put each other on too high a pedestal therefore are very disappointed when you both don’t life up to the ideal. Mars/Neptune - is spiritual and tantric sex, it also might mean you were in a relationship of unrequited love in the past. This adds to the idealizing. But it also pretty soulmatey too. It is most certainly the “love is the drug” aspect. Mars/Juno - sexually you are each others perfect match and you most certainly have has a previous life were you were lovers also. I think you have had more than one life together for sure because one is a conjunction. Uranus/South Node - ANOTHER past life involving Uranus. I’m thinking you were separated many times or maybe it was a long distance romance. Pluto/AC, I’m not surprised to see the planet of sexual possession, deep soul transforming love here. This has never been a run of the mill relationship. Very intense! Chiron/Part Of Fortune - this is pure affection and caring for each other over many lifetimes. Sometimes through some hard times where there has been a healing of each others souls.

Great Relationship Aspects

Marty’s Moon is sextile your Sun/Moon midpoint which makes a Yod to his North Node. That’s pretty destined for this lifetime! Your relationship together is bound with Marty’s souls evolution. It’s like your relationship is a mission. Yods are special missions.
Sun/Jupiter.* See shared Karma. Venus quincunx Saturn - Relationship glue and you really need some stability with all those Uranus double whammys. The quincunx is karmic, so its the very fact you are so familiar with each other from previous lifetimes that will help you stick with it this time. Venus trine Neptune - Beautiful, romantic, euphoric and soulmate connection. Venus/Uranus* See shared karma. Venus opposite Pluto – Powerful, sexual and transformative. But it’s your Pluto opposite his Venus, so he might feel obsession and control coming from you and feel obliged to look like a perfect Greek god all the time. It’s still great for passion. You sexy, he affectionate.

Tightest aspects

These sum up the relationship for me as they are extra potent.
Venus conjunct Uranus 0º00’* - see Shared karma. Lilith square Eris 0º07’ - This can be passionate fighting and breaking taboos together. Highly sexual and enlightening. Its stressful but dynamic, so your battles with each other are energizing and make you a great team of warriors together when confronted with challenges from the outside world. You make each other stronger. Sun quincunx Mercury 0º08’ - This a flirty, witty and fun connection. A lot of teasing and play fighting. Jupiter sesqui Mercury 0º09’ - This has a similar feel, but more to do with challenging each others belief systems and having interesting philosophical discussions together that could get quite heated. AC conjunct Neptune 0º09’ - This is another romantic, soulmate connection. Has that fairytale quality, but also can be too much fantasy at times. Juno conjunct South Node 0º10’ - You were definitely married in a past life! Moon trine Saturn 0º16’ - Needed to see this. Great relationship glue and long term domestic happiness. Lilith square Nodes 0º16’ - There is some destiny involving being true to yourselves, facing the taboo, exorcising your demons and sexual enlightenment. Mars square Pluto 0º21’ - Oh boy this is hot. My old karmic astrologer said this is downright scary if this is with your boss or anyone close to you, but not sexually involved with. The only advice she gave me is to use it for sex and then it is totally fine. Otherwise the sexual tension builds up to nuclear explosion proportions. (I can testify to this personally! It’s really love/hate this one.)

Composite, Davison and Draconic charts in Part 2.

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  1. kahn

    I know nothing about astrology or synastry, but WOW!!! the above information reads like my diary. I am a female Sagittarius and my love interest is a male Capricorn. It is amazing! Is the Synastry Short Term based on the current position of the planets or is it an overview of what could be or should be? I don’t even know if I am asking this question correctly, but what I read is so close to what has been happening to me lately…thank you in advance for any information you can provide.

    1. Marina

      I’m so sorry, but have only just seen this comment! If you are still around, i just thought I’d explain the aspects part. These are not transits but the connections between both charts. They remain whatever. You can also do progressed chart to each others which is useful looking further down the line in a relationship.

  2. DonnaBahama

    Hello there. The Synastry Sample of the new reading you offer (I think), for $20.00 seems to provide a really thorough interpretation. I am really impressed (I’ve been studying Astrology&Numerology for a few years now), and can’t wait to save up enough $$$s to try it!

    Just to make sure, the Sample I’m looking at above, right now, is that that one?

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Thanx for clearing that up! I hope to use your services soon! Ta!

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