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Horoscope Decans

Find the exact decan of your Sun, rising and Moon sign use the Horoscope maker above.

I am currently writing the Decan eBooks slowly but surely, so this page is a work in progress. The eBooks will include an extended general meaning of the decan as well as the meanings of the planets and angles therein. The Sun in decan sample is included in each completed post. (Fixed stars examples can be seen in the weekly horoscope.). Each starsign is divided into three decans of 10º as follows.

Decan 1 = 0° – 10°
Decan 2 = 10° – 20°
Decan 3 = 20° – 30°.


  1. Your writing is great, Marina. Inspired. Especially enjoy your in-depth decan descriptions — eerily accurate. I’ve been able to read them for friends and family, but not myself — Capricorn decan 1. Am I missing something, or is it just not there…

    • I’m sorry that Cappys 2 & 3 and all of Sag have had to wait so long. I had hoped to complete these decans by the end of the year as I was writing them in sync with the decans in time. I started in Aquarius. But I had to write the horoscopes this year so they look over.


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