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Soulmate/Compatibility Test

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There are a variety of compatibility tests using astrological synastry on the web and some astrology programs like Kepler cater for synastry. So I was inspired to experiment with the Café Astrology compatibility ranking system* and came up with my own Soulmate/Compatibility Test. Could these tests be useful? They are objective after all and prevent your own love-sick bias from making a silk purse out of a sows ear.

I tried as many famous couples as I could find with an accurate birthtime and all the couples I knew personally. I wasn’t surprised Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward scored highly, but when I tried the others it all fell apart. After experimenting and stripping down the score I think I have come up with a formula that sorts out the wheat from the chaff.

I found the aspects that cut it time and time again are the classics. Forget your hyped-up outer planets, deluded Neptune and your karmic quincunxes. Space-dust and glitter! To find a rock solid, mutually supportive relationship that will weather the storms of modern life, I used Ptolemaic aspects and considered the following: Tight orbs between the Luminaries/Saturn and the relationship planets, also Luminaries/Saturn to the destiny points and AC/DC. I also looked at the Sun/Moon midpoint and Luminaries in the 1st/7th house.

I used this system on both the synastry and composite charts. Just using the interaspects didn’t work for some couples. Some of these were were surprisingly strong because of the weird magic that happens when you put an unlikely pair together.

Test Aspects

Café Astrology ranks the following as red alerts. These are highly stressful aspects that are supposed to be real “No-no’s”. You can get away with having one of these at the most they say: Moon square Saturn, Mercury square Mercury, Venus square Saturn and Mars square/opposition Saturn.

Horoscope Compatibility TestOn the other end of the scale there are the super aspects. I regard these as karmic-contract aspects.  These are top scoring aspects on Café Astrology, but I have added the Vertex conjunct North Node to that list since it was discovered to be significant in long term marriages according to Cosmic Technologies. I have found it to be significant. They are as follows: Sun or Moon in hard aspect to the Sun/Moon midpoint,  AC conjunct the North Node, Vertex conjunct the North Node, Sun or Moon conjunct or opposite Vertex,  Sun or Moon conjunct DC.

These may bump up the score in a relationship that isn’t really long term. These are usually catalyst relationships and their sole purpose is pulling you onto the right karmic path. They may do this for example by splitting up a failed marriage,  or pulling someone out of drug addiction. When this is achieved the relationship ends pretty quickly.

Test Scores Red Alerts


Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward (45) – Mars square Saturn
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt (36)
Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston (34) – Mars Square Saturn
Tim Robbins & Susan Sarandon (33)
Victoria & David Beckham (32)
Paul & Linda McCartney (32)
Goldie Hawn & Kirt Russell (32) – Venus square Saturn, Moon square Saturn
John Lennon & Yoko Ono (31)
Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas (31)
Marie & Pierre Curie (29)
Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton (29) – Mercury square Mercury, Mars opposite Saturn
Bill & Hilary Clinton (28) – Moon square Saturn.


Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith (25) – Mars opposite Saturn
Demi Moore & Bruce Willis (23) Moon square Saturn, Mars opposite Saturn
Robert & Elizabeth Browning (22)
Sean Penn & Madonna (22)
Queen Victoria & Albert (21)
Sonny & Cher (18) –  Mars square Saturn
Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal (18)
Edward 8th & Wallis Simpson (17)
Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson (16)

Test Results

Café AstrologyUNDER 17 you get lovers or co-dependant marriages. Charles & Camila got just 11. Though they may just be the anomaly. Strong composites could offset everything…. UNDER 10 I think you are getting into very sparse territory and the relationship would most probably be just sexual with very little else.

Goldie and Kirt’s two Saturn red flags glued them together for 21 years before their relationship “Lost it’s Zip”. Had Mars been involved rather than Venus it probably would’ve cracked earlier. Indeed most of the Saturn/Mars red alert couples have split up.

So you see it is not as simple as getting a high soulmate score or feeling doomed because you have two red alerts. Not all soulmates stay married and not all marrieds are soul mates. Once you have the score, then you can then look into the synastry and see what specifically is pulling a couple together. You could still have a very high score with someone who you are not sexually attracted to at all, this could be with a best friend or child. I think this system helps establish if there is a solid framework for the romance and the magic to hang onto. It is also good if you want to compare two lovers when you can’t decide.

I am offering this scoring service as part of the synastry reading, it helps give a base line before looking into the matter more deeply.

I use very tight aspects for my synastry readings so this is reflected in the love test also. I start at 4º for an applying conjunction to a luminary going down to 1º30 for a separating sextile to a planet. I do use the very important karmic quincunxes in a Synastry reading, I just like to get a realistic grass-roots score for the Soulmate test and take it up from there.

* Compatibility Rating Tool, Café Astrology.


  1. Thanks for all the work you do! I used the compatible rating tool in the link above and came back with a score of 85 – that sounds amazing. And my relationship was the most amazing one I have ever had for many reasons – however she is a fearful avoidant attachment style and we kept going back and forth – push and pull. She runs away, I chase after her. I give up chasing and focus on myself and she comes back – but it is emotionally wrecking. She cannot or will not allow herself to feel or express her feelings. I cannot live with that and she doesn’t appear to be interested in confronting her shadow. So I had to end it in a rather dramatic way as to make sure the door was shut and we didn’t come back to the same way. I do miss what we had but it has to change. Deep down I am hoping that Venus retro will help us both do our work (we are both Aries) and with God’s Grace find a way. But I am doubtful.

    Why is our score so high in the above test but we have such a push/pull?


    • Don’t compare that score with mine! My test was inspired by the other test, but its totally different. Alas compatibility cannot effect the persons freewill. Like say you have great synastry with someone much older or younger than you, but they want to have children and you can’t.
      Both Aries though..! Good luck with that 😉

    • Hi David,

      You should look up the twin flame relationship characteristics!! I think you might be able to make a connection with this by the sounds of your above situation. If it’s meant to be you will find each other again.

      Kind regards


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