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By | July 15, 2013

Grand TrinePure grand trine energy is about harmony and ease, the line of least resistance. Trine people have a real charm about them, seductive and languid, like falling back onto a giant, pluffy, triangular marshmallow.

However the grand trine could easily also be the most over-rated aspect pattern of all. It all depends very much on the state of the rest of the chart and also the planets involved in a grand trine.

If the trine should contain some powerful stars this will make it less likely to disappoint and give it some real power. Sugar-coated describes the trine quite well, transits can pass us by quite easily because we didn’t notice the medicine going down. To make the best use of them is to probably to break some bad news on a trine transit. It will go down better. But they don’t cause any good luck by itself, we still have to make it happen.

So what do we make of someone with a grand trine in their chart.  First of all trines do not spell out instant fame and success or even necessarily great talent. They show three planets who are passing energy around each other in an easy,  unquestioning way. The energy goes round and round without interruption, ad nauseam….Hence the reputation of tines being lazy. For this uninterrupted current can get quite trance-like, comforting and euphoric.

The trine is rather like a massage, soothing out all those knots in your back. Sooooothing, very soothing, until your whole body becomes like jelly. It can get hypnotic. So the danger with grand trines is that they can become complacent, they don’t really have much will or drive inside them. What makes a grand trine really fly is when it contains an opposition inside it, giving it some back bone. This is known as a Kite which I will talk about in another post. A person with a grand trine may actually have chosen to incarnate and just be. This is the person to exude calm and harmony over fraught situations. They don’t want to shake things up, trines like to make you a cup of tea and say “There, there” They are happy being the sofa everyone snuggles on at the end of a hard day and there is nothing wrong with that.

Healing Trines

Grand trines used at a high vibration can be incredible healers. On the negative side, a grand trine in the chart might indicate a person who takes the easy path and gets away with things. That could by why the trine has a lucky reputation. The native may just attract good luck, things fall into their hands without them even trying. The problem I think is that of not appreciating either the gifts they have or the good luck because they have not actually worked for it. Again this is why they are sometimes ignored; it’s just too easy.

Trine people may trigger anger from others because they appear to not even recognise or enjoy their good fortune. This can infuriate a square person who would give anything for the good looks, inheritance or freebies the trine person has had thrown at them. They can also attract jealousy also for the same reason.

There is no question that a grand trine can be a wonderful talent that can be used beneficially once it is recognized. The key is making the most of the three planets contained therein and remember to snap them out of their trance once in a while. The fire/assertive planets are less likely to zone out however, so a Jupiter/Mars/Sun trine is more likely to be a high achiever than a Moon/Neptune/Venus.


Grand TrineKylie Minogue has a sexy electric DC/Lilith/Uranus trine, which is quite obviously effortlessly magnetic. Joan Baez made great use of her gift of a Mars/Pluto/Eris trine being a folk singer and activist. Her strong vibrato uses the trine to harmonising difficult subject matter into something more palatable. Cilla Black has a long and successful career as a TV personality with Mercury/Juno/Neptune she was most famous for her for her matching-making program “Blind date”. Bob Geldof Vertex/Moon/Eris A popular activist. Evel Kenevel Venus/Pluto/Eris Daring and dashing. Reginald Kray AC/Sun/Lilith Trines used in the negative manner, to entrance and hold mesmerised.  Jane Mansfield Vertex/Ceres/Pluto. Sexy and voluptuous with pulling power. Donald Trump  DC/Jupiter/Uranus. Lucky and unexpected cash good fortune through others. Tina Turner Sun/Pluto/Eris. Isn’t it just! Oscar Wilde AC/Chiron/Uranus.The charming eccentric. Robin Williams AC/Moon/Uranus. Professional Loon. Sean Lennon Sun/Ceres/DC. Famous Dad passes on his gifts. Russell Crowe Mercury/Ceres/Uranus. Gifted Actor. David Tennant (Dr Who) Moon/Ceres/Pluto. Regeneration and time-cycles! Rose West DC/Sun/Eris. Alison Goldfrap Vertex/Ceres/Pluto. Courtney Love Sun/Juno/Chiron. Dark seductive trines. George W Bush AC/Lilith/Eris. Warrior Queen… Fidel Castro Mercury/Saturn/Jupiter with Eris/Uranus in a stellium. Certainly not an inert trine there. Nick Clegg Proud owner of 3 grand trines. Moon/Lilith/JupiterAC/Juno/Eris Vertex/Saturn/Neptune. Mr lucky pants. *All aprox 1 deg 30′ orb.

I note the high frequency of Eris and Uranus, it seems there has to be one activating/aggressive type planet in there to make the trines more famous and successful. Of my friends I noticed more in the way of Chiron/ Neptune/Venus and these where not particularly ambitious and quite happy with their lot.

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133 thoughts on “Grand Trine

  1. marina

    Ah LB and Margaret. Kites may contain a grand trine within them but they really don’t function in the same way as the minor grand trine at all. That opposition in there makes all the difference. Kites are a totally different kettle of fish all together.They are high flyers! I will write about them soon.I do actually have a kite if I include asteroid lilith! Jamies DC falls there. Synastric aspect patterns are cool. I don’t feel so left out of the happy clappy trine club now ;)

  2. helen

    And how about Sun/Uranus/Vesta? Does it even mean something? Quiet or assertive? I would say “assertively quiet” :)

    1. Marina Post author

      They are all pretty individualist and independent types of planets, “quietly eccentric in their own world?”

      1. helen

        Sure. And of course my Mercury is conjunct my Sun and is also Grand Trining with the others. Sometimes people take me for a total loony if I dare to express my views. The good thing is that I often choose to keep them for myself.
        I don’t know much about asteroids but I was so desperate to find a grand trine in my natal chart.
        The other shocking thing is that Pallas is exactly conjunct Saturn (the same degree)which compensates for my loony trine I guess. Or further serves to the confusion.

  3. rob

    have just unearthed Neptune / Moon / BM Lilith in my progressed chart – I live an intoxicant free lifestyle, and thankful for it, as the the lowside of this would be dangerous – the fairly constant ‘out-there in-here’ effect is quite enough thankyou!

    at the mo Chiron is transiting Lilith (1st/2nd ho cusp) and trans Lilith Jupiter Uranus are squaring prog Moon and qincunx prog Neptune – a very wired but compelling state, good for researching and initiating new areas and applications of the esoteric

    1. Marina Post author

      Ye you are quite right to suppose any connection With Lilith and Neptune could be dangerous. I have BML/Mars square Neptune and I do feel that sometimes Lilith makes anything druggy forbidden fruit and gives it a dangerous allure. Moon/Neptune does the same. Look at Amy Winehouse!

      For you it could be a passing attraction for that kind of decadent, bohemian opium-smoking bad girl, because the Moon is involved. For me with Mars yes there was an attraction to the tragic byronesque alcoholic poet. But I appear to have grown out of that thank god!

      1. rob

        As this aspect is in my progressed chart I would have expected it to be more current….have no romantic relationships, not looking for one and even if cupids arrow strikes, well….
        actually I’m turned off by decadence…bohemian I can definitely relate to…..opium? that was another life-time, a real turn off, unless its naturally produced by the pineal.
        This is a 1st (Lilith), 6th (Moon), 9th (Neptune) GT by Placidus. This, for me is one of those occasions where it feels like Lilith is very strong (1st ho), is ‘grounding’ or laying the ground for the Neptune trine Moon energy, making it radically real and ‘fired-up’ into incarnation, and the Moon is waxing into exact in the GT aspects which would help put it to work – got to watch my health with this tho and not piss too many people off.

        1. Marina

          Forgive me if i am repeating myself but its funny how Lilith/Neptune has the ability to be very saintly, celibate and teetotal or a complete drunken whore.
          I think psychic sex would probably a good way to play out this one, or fantasies via lucid dreaming? That trine is so “Dream Lover” isn’t it?

          1. rob

            oh all right then! Actually Marina, if its ‘dream lovers’ were talking about, think I prefer the real thing…..damn!

            AH! Found another one Uranus Saturn Eris – 7th, 11th, 3rd in Fire – I should get out more…..

            1. Marina

              Hey, you know I know a lady with the very same trine. She wrote the crystal article Earths Core Crystal That would be a generational aspect I suppose. I wonder of you are a particularly radical age group. You write great forward-thinking yet founded in ancient wisdom stuff that’s for sure.

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