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Gemini Weekly Horoscope

The weekly Horoscope for Gemini
and Gemini Rising for June 30 – July 6. Your friends are apt to get totally fed up with your latest incarnation as Donald Trump. You have been an utter workaholic lately and not only that, been completely obsessed with acquiring as much cash as you possibly can. That’s quite a change from the normal flighty Gemini we know and love. Right now you are acting out the sidereal Taurean side of your nature. You are all conquering, wheelin’ and dealin’ and have no time for frippery. You actually find your social life is something you want to break free from as it’s cramping your new mega-mogul image. Your hippie friends do not understand the sleek new you and recent perchance for real life golden orbs. Gemini you are simply driven to be as self sufficient as possible right now even if it alienates you. Maybe best to join a group of entrepreneurs so you don’t become too lonely. And anyway you need someone to call your fancy new phone from.



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