Gemini Horoscope 2018 ~ April to June

Jupiter in your Gemini Horoscope 2018. Until Nov 8 is in your house of slavery and disease. Neither of these aspects do you want Jupiter to inflate! So how do we work with this? I suggest Jupiter in this house will probably increase your working hours which could cause illness if you run yourself ragged. A very real danger during this time. Therefore, the most likely cause of any sickness will be your job or habitual, daily routines. At least you can control some of your timetable to a certain extent, especially those who work for themselves. Making small adjustments to diet, sleep times, exercise could really help make big changes to your health.

In your Gemini Horoscope 2018, Ceres spends an extra long time in your 3rd house from the start of the year until end of June. This way, she makes information magic while visiting your goddess zone! Trust then that the relevant information or just the book you needed to read will fall into your lap from the ether. You will also enjoy charmed experiences with your siblings where you can relive magical childhood experiences or enjoy telling scary stories to each other around the campfire. Bonding with siblings will feel especially strong and meaningful. Friends or lovers may become extremely frustrated when you suddenly feel the need to go off grid and flee to somewhere secluded in nature.

Lilith & The Taboo in 2018

There is a double emphasis in the taboo underworld section of your chart since Black Moon Lilith joins Saturn there from the beginning of the year until mid August. This is probably the most obsessive position for Lilith, with sex addiction being one of the greatest dangers. Still, sometimes sex is the only way to get some people out of the deep rut that they are stuck in. They don’t call the orgasm ‘Le petite morte’ for nothing. Unlike these times, ancient astrologers did not associate recreational sex with this house, but in this case Lilith does bring a sexual theme into this underworld zone.

In your Gemini Horoscope 2018, sex and death do actually meet, mostly in a symbolic way however! During this time then, sex could be a catalyst for total life change. You could fall under the spell of a lover so much, that you move home, or even country to be closer to them. On Jun 27 Mars goes retrograde in your house of travel, could this be the return of an old flame you one met on holiday? Maybe you return to a destination, where an ex-lover lives which re-ignites the relationship.

Gemini Horoscope 2018

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