Here follows a sample of your Gemini horoscope 2018. Best news ever in 2018! You no longer have to put up with Saturn being a kill-joy in the marriage house. For your Gemini horoscope 2018 , two and a half years of total commitment or nothing at all in your love life is finally over. Now Saturn has entered your house of psychology, trauma, taboo and debt where it can keep out of trouble and work in the shadows. This is a period where you might have to face ‘death’ in some form.

Don’t be alarmed! Saturn in the 8th house does not mean you will die. But the death of someone around you could force you to confront feelings about your own mortality. What is your legacy and what will you leave to your children? Most of the time, this ‘death’ is of someone you weren’t particularly close to, maybe someone in the public eye that you resonated with. This distant death might touch you profoundly, but it is less about grieving their loss and more about this person being a symbol of the passing of time…

Gemini Horoscope 2018 Keywords

Marriage relief, occult studies, ancestral exchanges, get enough sleep! love addiction, gnostic power.

There is now a void in your psyche which can cause some crisis. Other possibilities at this time is a revelation that some truth is not what you thought, a skeleton comes out of the closet and taboos are broken. In your Gemini horoscope 2018, realities are questioned, there can be a mini life review, and a feeling of detoxing the soul. At times this transit can feel quite dark, but Saturn has to go somewhere so better here in the cellar then cramping your style in the bedroom! It is best to think of Saturn here as wintertime. The stark snow forms a blank canvas where anything is possible. The long looming shadows of the low winter Sun must be faced one way or another. Those who relish studying psychology and the occult will have a ball!…

The Jan 31 Lunar Eclipse heralds a pleasant exchange between the generations where grandma passes on her knowledge from her childhood. These first hand accounts are worth just as much as any approved history book, if not even more so. The crisis of the Lunar eclipse, plus stroppy Mars in your ‘others’ zone could have you storming out of a classroom. You could have conflict between seeing the bigger picture and nit-picking. There is also the possibility of creating your own personal rituals and spiritual practice after becoming disappointed by traditional, monotheistic religions. A lunar eclipse in the house of the goddess has a very pagan feel to it. It is about constructing your own elemental shrine in your garden as opposed to worshipping in a grand cathedral. The Feb 15 Solar Eclipse could attract you to a teacher who inspires soul growth that will effect you profoundly the rest of your life. This person could be your standard spiritual guru, but also could be someone whom is simply very wise and had gained this knowledge through hard knocks from the school of life. Travel is of course another avenue that broadens the mind, so for the next 6 months, trips abroad or meaningful exchanges with influential foreigners could help you see the world through a much wider angle lens… Your Gemini horoscope 2018 continues in eBook

Gemini Horoscope 2018 ~ Love

Venus is retrograde from Oct 6 to Nov 16. She starts off in your zone of work serfdom and sickness. But there are pluses here! You should benefit from congenial rapport with your peers at this time. You will work very well as a team, but it wouldn’t be ethical to ride on their hard work. Your colleagues are enjoying your charming company too much to reprimand you for not pulling your weight. But if you carry on taking advantage, they could really turn on you once Venus goes direct. Your health should be pretty good at this time, so much so that you feel you can indulge on rich foods to reward yourself. You may well put on some extra weight, but at the same time have the energy to burn it off at the gym afterwards. It all balances out! During the first half of this period until Oct 25, Venus is in her harmonious phase brings ease to work relationships. During the second half from Oct 26 to Nov 6, Lucifer Venus will play the seductress in relationships, so try not to abuse your vamp power!… Your Gemini horoscope 2018 continues in eBook

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Gemini Horoscope 2018 ~ Decan 1

“A very quiet first half of the year compared to what is to come, with no outer planets doing anything at all in your decan! This gives you a rest where nothing especially thrilling happens, but on the other hand nothing really calamitous does either! However, there are always sweet little Venus transits to give you the hugs you need. It alls starts with a really lovely Venus trine from Jan 18 to 25 which of course is great for socialising and doing artistic things. Creativity is well starred and for this short period, and the chance of any romantic dates going well is also high. This courting period builds up to a passion with the Mars opposition from Jan 27 to Feb 11. Hopefully this spurt of fire should takes amy courtships onto the next level. You may have other progressions going on as everyone is different, but generally for Gemini decan 1, this is a period where you can just coast along without any difficulty.

Use this time to prepare for the far more busy period from July. Clear the decks, do that detox, get fit, tie up loose ends or have a good clear out so that there is now space in your life for those new exciting influences. Built it and they will come. The Venus square will bring some colour to your cheeks from Feb 11 to 18, and it will add some sizzle to Valentines day at least. Then not long to wait until a glorious Venus conjunction to your decan from Apr 26 to 30. With this you will feel loving and warm which will attract others to you. The social life should pick up for these few days also. The Mars trine from May 22 to Jun 9 gives you energy and zest to go out and network. So all these charming and sexy transits should pass with no hitches thanks to the absence of those heavy duty outer planets. A time of light-hearted fun is assured since the Jan/Feb eclipses had no influence on your decan at all.” ~ Your Gemini horoscope 2018 continues in eBook

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