Gemini Decans

GEMINI DECAN 1 ~ Birthdays May 21 – 31 

Gemini Horoscope 2015Dandy Warriors & Geek Chic. Gemini Decan 1 is ruled by Jupiter and Mercury. These breed of twins are the activists and militants who are on a spiritual or religious mission…..More>

Picatrix* ~ A beautiful woman, a mistress of sewing; and with her ascends two calves and two horses. And this is a face of the art of the scribe, of reckoning, of number, of giving and receiving [i.e., trade], and of the sciences.

God/Spirit†~ Thethys. (Goddess Of Light). Tarot Card ~ 8 Swords

STARS ~ Alcyone in the Pleiades, Mirfak in Perseus, Prima Hyadum in the Hyades, Ain and Aldebaran in Taurus.

GEMINI DECAN 2 ~ Birthdays June 1 – 10

Gemini Horoscope 2015Roller Coasters & Strategists. Gemini Decan 2 is ruled by Mars and Venus. Their passion for living on the edge means they often have to make very narrow escapes. These people don’t do anything by halves…..More>

Picatrix ~ A man whose face is like an eagle and his head is covered with a linen cloth; he is garbed and protected in a leaden cuirass, and on his head an iron helmet upon which is a silken wreath; and he is holding in his hand a bow and arrows. And this is a face of burden and also of evils and of subtlety.

God/Spirit ~ Cybele. (Hermaphrodite Mother Goddess). Tarot Card ~ 9 swords

STARS ~ Tabit & Rigel in Orion, Cursa in Eridanus, Hasseleh, Hoedus I & II in the Chariot.

GEMINI DECAN 3 ~Birthdays June 11 – 20

Gemini Horoscope 2015Media Gods & Business Tycoons. Gemini Decan 3 is ruled by the Sun and Saturn. This is a multi-talented, multi-tasking, multi-faceted super-parent who wants it all and does it all…..More> 

Picatrix ~ A man garbed with a cuirass holding a bow and arrows, and a quiver. And this is a face of boldness, honesty, and the division and alleviations of labor.

God/Spirit ~ Praxidike. (Goddess Of Punishment). Tarot Card ~ 10 swords

STARS ~ Bellatrix & Betelgeuse in Orion, Alnilam in Orions Belt, Capella in Auriga, Phact in Columba, El Nath in Taurus.


The decans above are as accurate as they can be within a ten degree orb. But for a detailed exploration of your birthchart and a please refer to the READINGS page.

NOTE: I started off using the ancient Chaldean rulers of the decanates, but will be adding in fresh material relating to the Triplicity rulers in 2015. Click on the links above for a more detailed interpretation of each decan using the fixed stars and celebrity examples. You can also apply the decan character traits to your Ascendant or Moon using these zodiac positions: Gemini decan 1 0° – 10°Gemini decan 2 10° – 10° and  Gemini decan 3 20° – 30°.
*The Picatrix is a book of occult magic and astrology. It is often used as a reference for making astrological talismans. †The 36 Airs of the Zodiacs list of Gods and Spirits.


  1. I am a Gemini decan 2. That is freakishly familiar. Not how I would describe myself but oddly enough it is true. I love that I found this. Orion’s Belt, Sirious, Egyptian energies have always been around me but it isn’t until just recently that I became more aware. It is so true about the burn out too. Just recently, i torn my Achilles’ tendon at a healing workshop. (Insert laugh here). Because I also have scoliosis, I ended up bedridden for two and a half months. What a great way to reconnect to the feminine divine! I am so thankful for that time. Love your page.

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    • Like your fresh and lively message. I laughed at the insert…:)

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