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Gemini Decan 2 ~ June 1 to 11

Gemini Decan 2

Gemini Decan 2 is ruled by Mars and Venus (Libra Triplicity). The Sun takes giant leaps through the constellations of the Hunter, the Hare, the Charioteer and the River from June 1-11. This is the zone of the speed freaks and multi-taskers. The hare is known for its swiftness while the charioteer thunders across the sky while holding a whole family of goats! These people don’t do anything by halves. All too often however, Gemini decan 2 just takes on far too much and then suffers burn out.

Having an accident or becoming ill is the only way they may get any rest. These subjects can also become totally driven by their desires, Orion is the hunter, so stalking is their speciality. This is surprising in a sign supposed to be so carefree and light-hearted. This decan is ruled by Mars, which is either sex or war, so these twins can get extremely irritable when they can’t channel their libido.

Roller Coasters & Strategists

Orion is also the most lusty, phallic constellation in the sky, rivalling only Aries and Taurus in virility. But where the Ram and the Bull are fuelled by procreation and biology, Orion loves the whole drama and courtship of sex. The chase is the best bit, lots of twists and turns, intrigue, titillation and teasing. Sex can also be a sedative for Gemini decan 2, orgasm will be an explosive release of tension. The twins here are extra inquisitive, intellectually daring, and their mind is as agile as their bodies.

They need to have this acrobatic ability since their propensity for living on the edge means they often have to make very narrow escapes. They get away with it so often that think they are immortal. Both stars of Orion featured here are connected with victory, or boasting victory over nature. The charioteer has to learn to keep its wayward passions on a tight rein. Channelling Gemini decan 2’s fast and furious mental gymnastics into science and engineering would be a good outlet. They would make fantastic formula one drivers, but are not great with suburban speed limits…

Gemini Decan 2 ~ Fixed Stars

Fixed Rigel Gemini 11º 55’ ~ Tabit in the Lion skin trophy of Orion the Hunter 3.3*
Gemini 12º 03’ ~ Epsilon Lepus in the Hare 3.2
Gemini 15º 17’ ~ Cursa in the mouth of the river Eridanus 2.9
Gemini 16º 38’ ~ Hasseleh in the left foot of Auriga the Charioteer 2.9
Gemini 16º 51’ ~ Rigel in the left foot of Orion the Hunter 0.1
Gemini 18º 38’ ~ Hoedus I kid goat in Auriga the Charioteer 3.8
Gemini 19º 27’ ~ Hoedus II Kid goat in Auriga the Charioteer 3.3
Gemini 19º 40’ ~ Nihal in Lepus the Hare 3.0
* Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000

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  1. Not sure if I read this right because I’m still a Layman, but I’ve got merc 15.40 gemini. How am i to interpret it? Because there was no mention of cursa to my understanding. Maybe I didn’t get it. Thanks in advance for clarifying.