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Gemini Decan 1 ~ May 20 to 31

Gemini Decan 1

Gemini Decan 1 is ruled by Jupiter and Mercury of the Gemini triplicity. The sun crusades through the constellations of Taurus the Bull, Perseus the Hero, the Sculptors Chisel and the River from May 20 to 31. This section of the sky houses the famous star clusters the Hyades, the Pleiades, and royal star Aldebaran in the Bull’s eye. These clusters have stormy reputations, Alcyone is scandalous in love and the Hyades bring tears and violence. Perseus is not the most sedate fellow either, brandishing his sword and grasping poor Medusa’s decapitated head.

Dandy Warriors & Geek Chic

The “Good V Evil’ duality of Gemini is strong here not just because it is the Gemini decan, but mainly because of Aldebaran’s dragon-slaying tendency. As St Micheal, god’s first soldier, he is therefore the chief slayer of all things Satanic. With Jupiter’s influence here then, we get activists and militants who are on a spiritual or religious mission to add to already zealous theme.

So Gemini Decan 1 see themselves as spiritual warriors and reformers, they are on this earth to stamp out evil! This area is also very artistic, so those in the entertainment business here will always have a socio-political message behind what they do. Gemini Decan 1 also want to gain status, and be admired for their intellect. These people are great conversationalists, come out with great one liners and have the ability to abruptly and skilfully steer the discussion off any subject matter that is not their forte. The last thing these brainiacs want to appear is stupid!

Gemini Decan 1 ~ Fixed Stars

gemini decan 1Gemini 00º 00’ ~ Alcyone in the Pleiades of Taurus the Bull 3.0*
Gemini 00º 06′ ~ Alrai in the left knee of Cepheus, the Ethiopian King. 3.4
Gemini 00º 21′ ~ Atlas in the Pleiades in the shoulder of Taurus the Bull. 3.8
Gemini 01º 09′ ~ Atiks in the left sandal of Perseus the Hero. 3.8
Gemini 02º 05’ ~ Mirfak in the right side of Perseus the Hero 1.9
Gemini 04º 48’ ~ Menkib in the left foot of Perseus the Hero 4.0
Gemini 05º 15’ ~ Sceptrum in Eridanus the River 4.0
Gemini 05º 48’ ~ Prima Hyadum in the Hyades of Taurus the Bull 3.9
Gemini 08º 24′ ~ Gamma Caelum in Caelum the Sculptor’s Chisel. 4.6
Gemini 08º 28’ ~ Ain in the left eye of Taurus the Bull 3.6
Gemini 09º 47’ ~ Aldebaran in the right eye of Taurus the Bull 0.8
 *Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

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  1. Charlie Denihan had this Decan, even posed laughingly in a casket on his instagram before his death. Boyfriend is the same Venus at 20 Arien, plus the next Decan Sun. I’m so glad he has Mars and Mercury retrograde. There financial situations are not the same, but I feel he would have befallen the same fate. This guy had the right feeling about the club scene, but he overdid the sacred. I disagree with the NYTimes obit that he would give his shirt of his back, he had pictures of Tompson Square Park, I know there are a lot of people there that could have used a shirt. But found no pictures of his back exposing in action. Just seemed spoiled and really superficial, well he did say he was a bad influence. In Aqua Decan 2 we just can’t get away with stuff like that. Be selective of your substance use guys. Doing a bunch of stuff just to “have fun” is never a good thing.