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Full Moon September 2013

Full Moon September 2013The Full Moon on September 19 is at 26º Pisces. It falls on Matar in the right knee of Pegasus in Pisces Decan 3. This is the zone of the impossible for here we have aeronautical fishes! We get the feeling that this Piscean water is simmering, about to boil over as it makes its way to rebirth at the equinox.

This Moon is bursting with anticipation for the future and impatient because its been cocooned for so long. Now this will especially ring true for those of you lucky folk in the southern hemisphere. You will be coming into spring while we in the North are going into Autumn. We are all going to be equalised on September 22 when the Sun enters tropical Libra’s scales. This Moon is the prelude to the re-balancing.

Matar in Pegasus is a visionary. It’s enthusiastic, ambitious and stimulates change. There is a lot to get excited about as the full moon chart itself is pretty spectacular. A Yod, a T-square and two minor grand trines making a diamond shaped aspect pattern. We have been getting these Diamonds on and off since August 9 due to the ongoing retrogrades with Uranus square Pluto sextile Saturn. These slow moving planets have been sitting ducks for the personal planets to come along and ignite them into more complex patterns. Jupiter had been inflaming a T square to Uranus square Pluto but things should calm down now a little bit hopefully, now that it has moved out of orb.

Full Moon Horoscope

I’m hoping now that Lilith replacing Jupiter and Ceres trine Pluto can magically transform the edgy vibe we have had for the last 6 weeks. The July/August trines did their best to buffer us from the intensity of the Diamonds and the Star Of David. I think many of us have been holding back and in healing mode. So for this Full Moon we get another Diamond then, the actual Moon makes no aspects at all, but it does cut through the middle of the diamond. It’s inside but completely independent from the drama of this aspect pattern. Its almost like its in another dimension, invisible, but still very much in the centre of things. A floating seahorse spy Moon. The most important part of the Diamond is the North Node, Venus, Saturn conjunction all within the Crucifix in Scorpio Decan 1, giving us a taste of the November 3 Solar Eclipse to come at 11º Scorpio. This area has been the hotspot for the whole year and is the Saturn Retrograde zone.

Full Moon September 2013There is potential for a great blossoming in relationships. Diamonds are forever? Maybe we’ll get a few engagements announced at this Full Moon. Venus and Saturn can be romantic commitment and karmic contracts (Good and bad), but I like the help of the wise crone Ceres here and Pluto strengthening family bonds. Ceres trine Pluto could even be wealth from relatives, inheritance, or investing in the north node future. The only thing I’m concerned about is Uranus holding that T-Square at the bottom. It’s extremely important that that committed couple (stellium in Scorpio) stay united and work with Ceres in order to subdue the potential abuse from Lilith opposite Pluto. This could be a vindictive and jealous outsider. Uranus is pivotal, it could either blow the whole thing to kingdom come or produce a completely shocking outcome that actually works for the benefit of all.

Tough Diamond

Ceres on Zosma is going to need to be strong too and not feel victimised by the dark manipulative energy from Lilith/Pluto. Ceres is self-sacrificing enough without being in dutiful Virgo decan 2 to boot. It’s like super-nurse amplified. I think Ceres here benefits from the support of the Saturn sextile though, giving her protective armour and possibly financial assistance. This fortification can turn things round so that Zosma becomes saviour not victim. A super Nanny. Yes, new lemon fresh Zosma, tough on germs and greasy stains… This diamond Full Moon is here to polish us. Tune into it to see clearly into your soul and envision your perfect future. Don’t waste this fabulous opportunity to use the 9º Scorpio Crux Stellium, (The Cross of Maat-ter) to help crystallise your Pegasus dreams into reality. Start making intentions, put your money where your mouth is (Saturn demands this) and invest in the things you believe in.

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  1. during the full moon, i dreamt of a massive party in an old mansion where everyone was inebriated and with no inhibitions, wonder what it meant according to this full moon :-S it was a weird and trippy celebration

    • The old mansion is your self and probably your historic self – your ancestral self. Look at the position of Neptune perhaps in aspect to your chart – inebriation and uninhibited suggests a sense of freedom maybe from ancestral stuff – but then Neptune is also illusion so maybe its a mask? Inebriation is also an avoidance technique – so another way of looking at it is that you’re avoiding something ancestral or an old structure which represents you? A “party animal” version of yourself version of yourself operating out of a more saturnian reality?
      Old mansion = saturn? Neptune = inebriation/illusion?

    • Great dream interpretation! The new moon was much more powerful for me. I had a powerful dream that night that had writing on the wall!. I was in a dream version of a house I still own with ex (he lives there but was moving out in the dream). The writing on the wall was his phone directory but it was like graphic art – more my personality in display but his in content. That new moon was conjunct my virgo ASC. Maybe this was more about the start of a new life and persona for me being that it was the new moon.

    • I think the house in any dream symbolises the whole person. It has eyes – windows, upper levels – attics/lofts, bedrooms – places to withdraw, sleep etc! bathrooms – places to get clean, clean your act, dissolve, immerse, rooms you share with others, rooms you show to the “outside” from, a kitchen to conduct alchemy in, a basement to hide stuff in… and so on…
      Do you still have a mental/emotional “life” with your ex- a house your relationship as it was still has energy? Are you getting ready to ship him out of this house/residual construct? Is he pulling further away? Or just being faded out? Did you/did you allow yourself to be “written” or described or even act according to his rules/definitions? It does seem consistent with the new moon in the first! You strike out for yourself. A fresh start… the writing is on the wall!

    • Most interesting questions. You would have a hay day with the complete dream. I am finally separating emotionally. It has been over three years. We are friendly at a distance – so yes, he is moving out. I think you may have really hit on something with the last bit because everything was according to his rules but I was always trying to set an aesthetic that was acceptable to me. Thanks for taking the time UberQW! So much here.

    • Pleased to help Jem of the NIght! I’ve had those house dreams for years always riveted when others do! Its a wonderful symbol to work with – and tallies with out Saturnine way of creating structures around things – from our selves to our relationships etc etc

  2. I dreamt of open, healthy group sex after finally sleeping with the man of my dreams, the night before the Full moon.
    Venus/Sat/Nn conj. natal Pluto in 8th house!
    A healing, intense and transformative experience!


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