Full Moon October 2016

Full Moon October 16 2016 at 23º Aries Decan 3. Aspects: Conjunct Uranus & Eris. Fixed Star: Acamar In Eridanus the River

The Full Moon In Aries Decan 3 does not have any dignity, and usually the watery, emotional moon is quite uncomfortable and even quite vulnerable in Aries. However this Venus/Jupiter ruled decan has a certain watery vibe due to the seafaring stars here. I believe that emotions channeled in the right way here can make this Moon’s energy pretty successful, despite the problems of some of the difficult fixed stars. The Full Moon can ebb and flow through this decan’s rough seas.

It will also feel quite at home here since the dark lunacy of this decan is something that the imagination can really thrive in. So it is really important that we have some creative outlet with which to unleash our passions. Those touched by this Full moon will need to perform their ever-changing moods to an audience. The dancing emotions are often very entertaining, even if it’s just a rant about something quite small. The spin added to the event makes the experience an adventurous quest rather than a mundane moan.

Full Moon & Fixed Star Acamar

At this Full Moon, the minutae of everyday life has the potential for high drama, a bit like a Mike Leigh film. The Full moon activates fixed star Acamar in Eridanus. It’s not such an important star, but it is at least fortunate unless you include the influence of the constellation itself and you want to go sailing!

Acamar gives “Success in public office, ecclesiastical success.” It is also the brightest star in the decan. Robson says of the constellation itself that it gives a “love of knowledge and science, much travel and many changes, a position of authority, but danger of accidents especially at sea and of drowning” I would stick close to land and don priestly vestments then…;) I like to jest, but generally the dire death by drowning warnings of the fixed stars come from an era when traveling by ship was far more common, dangerous and without maritime technology or shipping forecasts.

Full Moon October 2016 & Eris

I have not yet had time to update my Eris post fully, but personally have had quite a massive awakening in regard to Eris’s meaning. The beginnings of this epiphany was stirred when I wrote the Uranus conjunct Eris post. “Women these days are just as much worker drones as their husbands. Now, in order to pay the mortgage it is often a necessity for both partners to work full time. With children spending more time in childminders and state education, the end result is parents have less control over what programs (TV or otherwise) go into their children minds.”

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  1. Marina, have you seen the children’s movie “Storks”? It explores the themes of both men Aand women constantly being connected to technology to make a living at the expense of their child (families only having a single birth and left to others to educate and raise) and the ever expanding corporation who’s only real goal is turnover at the expense of service to humanity after dumping delivery of babies ie the storks now deliver parcels instead (money before people).
    I love seeing children’s movies; Storks moved me to tears. There are also references to rainbow children and the gender / sexuality awakening (which I think is in part driven by artificial foods and the pervasive toxins that we have been deliberately exposed to).
    Well worth seeing the movie if you are interested in what the social engineers are telling our children now.

  2. Marina,
    The last sentence of this really spun my head. My gf of 9 years left me July 18. She resented me because of my hesitancy to wed, but now gone, she bashes me for past errors, from 2009- which I have made amends for in countless ways.
    She suffered severe paternal abandonment- her father left the family not once but twice and I feel I have borne the brunt of her unresolved anger. I of course have my own abandonment issues. My mother was an abusive schizophrenic. But I confront in therapeutic environments and tried to lead my gf and I though all this to a happier place.

    Can you tell me more about the feminine realizing their masculine shadow? It has long been an issue that she could not act feminine.


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