Full Moon February 2015

The Full Moon on February 3 is at 14º Leo and falls in Leo Decan 2
Healthy Egos & Lion Taming. Decan Ruler: Jupiter. Deity: Isis. Aspect: Trine Uranus.

“The energy is primal, spontaneous and uncensored. This does not mean this Moon isn’t spiritual, it’s just that it doesn’t like bowing down to a Guru, or following established paths to enlightenment. This pioneering Moon will always prefer the road less travelled.”

Full Moon February 2015The Full Moon is on the big bushy-tailed mother bear Ursa Major which of course is one of the constellations easily seen in the sky as the big dipper. Robson sees Dubhe as “destructive” yet 1st century Astrologer Manilus shows how this quality can be used positively. Rather than being destructive,  it tames those that could be destructive; “he will dispel the fury of the tiger, training it to become a peaceful animal, whilst all the other beasts which molest the earth with their savageness he will join in friendship to himself ”. Looks like someone who can tame problem children and civilise those who are usually wild and unruly. Here we find Leo’s guiding, leadership qualities, since the bear stars are so close to the celestial pole which was always a sign-post for sailors.

Full Moon rituals are perfect for purging and releasing things from our lives that no longer serve our higher self. The bright light of the sun throws a spotlight on our subconscious to illuminate any issues that have been festering there since the new moon. Often the full moon is a time where we can see the fruit blossom from the seeds we planted at the new Moon. We can also choose to release people or bad habits as old routines and ties we established years ago can be thrown into the lunar fire. When we release people or things in this way, the Full Moon birthing time can be more of a cosmic menstruation. Therefore the Full Moon can be a cleansing time for both men and women. Some Full Moons are better at letting-go or birthing certain things than others. Some moons are more about birthing or bringing things to a head gently. Other Full Moons may have a more volcanic, violent purging energy about them depending on the decan or star being activated. Every month I will present the influences surrounding the current full Moon and suggest ways of utilising its energy in order to make a powerful spell for birthing or release.

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Author: Marina Macario

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  1. RE free will – certainly we have choices. A small example of this is using self constraint in a volatile situation. A bigger example is drumming up our courage to leave a long term relationship as a way of being responsible to ourselves and life affirming. Sure – people are born into bad set-ups, which can clearly be seen in the chart but these same people often have some sort of something that helps them to soar beyond all odds. This just can’t be explained. Is it Will, luck, happenstance, Fate?. Others have charts that are not as foreboding and are lost in life. So maybe the chart as we know it is not telling the whole story. Humans want there to be a reason for the journey of life, or at least some sense of purpose so that we can endure/make sense of the hardships. Maybe this is where the idea of Fate plays in because it is a way of explaining a set up of sorts for a purpose (e.g. Soul growth) that lies beyond our knowing. Still, if one becomes aware of motivating forces in our lives,the setup to our thoughts and emotional reactions, we have more control and can exercise choice. This is the consciousness that is mentioned by Marina in reference to Jung. With consciousness the dog is wagging the tale and not the other way around. Lastly, from personal experience I can say that we are not in control as much as we would like to be or think we are and once there is acceptance of that we either relax into it or become even more anxious – another choice. the transits and progressions IMO help us to explore the possibility of choices.

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