The Full Moon on 6 September 2017 falls at 14º Pisces decan 2. Pisces decan 2 is a Jupiter ruled decan and the most liquid area of Pisces, which means it also risks being the most toxic. This Full Moon then will be supremely absorbent of its environment, so can work positively or negatively. The most criminal and slimy of individuals could turn this great power into something quite nefarious. With Pisces decan 2 the evolutionary state of the soul is paramount, this Full Moon will absorb toxins just as well as it can absorb love and bliss.

Whatever the choice, it will just suck the juice out of it, so it better be good juice! Back in March 2016 we had a Solar Eclipse at 19º Pisces, so this September Full Moon may repeat some of that eclipse’s themes if you were touched by it. The two lunations are very similar because, just like in that eclipse. this Moon is also conjunct Neptune (Since Neptune is still floating through Pisces 2)

Full Moon September Astrology ~ Pisces 2

Full moon September 2017The Moon is very happy in Pisces 2 due to its rulership here by triplicity (It’s the Cancer decan of Pisces). This placement in natal charts has certainly brought out some powerful and influential women in the field of medical science and healing. It would suggest playing god (Achernar’s influence, see below) with the Moon representing the womb of the Petri dish. A Full Moon here questions whether to dispense with god all together despite Pisces 2 being such a religious decan.

The lesson here is to become your own guru since those with Moon Pisces 2 often feel let down by god or spirituality in some way. Richard Dawkins, who has Moon in Pisces 2 wrote the “God Delusion” he says “It’s a horrible idea that God, this paragon of wisdom and knowledge, power, couldn’t think of a better way to forgive us our sins than to come down to Earth in his alter ego as his son and have himself hideously tortured and executed so that he could forgive himself ”.

Exploring the question of biology and divinity could also be an issue in the collective with this Full Moon. Dawkins of course sees god though the eyes of a westerner. He could just as easily be describing ‘white guilt’ or pathological altruism. No other religion on earth has such a self-sacrificing ‘hero’, it is unique to the west. (Quite a good ploy to keep us in our place though…) Dawkins completely misses out the point that there is resurrection, which is closer to the concept of reincarnation in the East. Christ = Khrisna?

Full Moon September 2017



  1. mom had sun 23 but mercury conj. uranus in 2nd decanate. She fed off medical and metaphysical and science advancenents although herself a janitor. She self taught herself typing and drawing read voraciously and I believe was not daunted by her death . She took over the wheel of the truck in a dream she said , went to singles dances and had problem in fun and games by seating herself at a table of youths at Whitespot and waited for me who was paying the bill to find her. Everyone at the table hushed with her and waited to see what I d do if not somewhat puzzled. When I stood beside her and said common mom lets go she rose obediently. Never daunted although discouraged. Luck for her if not me, she had three sisters as strong as her to confer with.

  2. That is a very profound insight in the last paragraph. The bodhisattva still is in the Christ impulse. Steiner, Crowley, Lao Tzu, Buddha etc. There are no true differences in belief, only in approach. The rest is just intellectualism.

    I find your astrology to be the most refreshing on the internet.


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