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HoroscopeHappy Eclipse and Spring Equinox! I am back taking readings again and have also introduced subscriber rates on selected readings for those signed up to donate $5 a month recurring. (See menu sidebar on the homepage.) Starting from the Spring equinox I am offering the opportunity to Win a free mini-natal or question reading! (30 mins) This offer is to the $5 recurring subscribers only. I will always announce this in future around the pagan festival dates. Beltane, summer solstice etc etc. Apply by email after my announcement and mark the email “Reading Draw”. I’ll put the 1st 10 names in a hat and let my daughter Stella pick the winner.

You will see that prices on some readings have had to be put up due to the continued weakness of the US Dollar against the British pound, but the prices DO stay the same if you set up a $5 a month recurring subscription. I don’t want to price out those on low incomes so I am hoping that the offer of winning a free reading will help rebalance that. I also really need the time to write the rest of the decans and write my Eris/Lilith book so I am trying to do less readings and also less disposable posts that date.

I have thought long and hard about this I will probably discontinue the monthly forecast in its current form in favour of writing more planetary aspects instead. This is because they don’t date and I want to build up a resource for teaching eventually. I will try and keep the moons as I know they are popular. And Mercury retrograde (And venus and Mars Rx) is always important so that stays too. I steadily continue with updating the decans to include the planet meanings. Google ad money is ok, but not great if you don’t get in the top 5 for google searches and I believe writing controversial matter can sometimes be held against you. So….I don’t want to worry about the whims of the google “gods” 😉 every time I write the word sex, demon or magic in the same article.

I therefore rely most heavily on the generosity of my clients and readership so I can continue to provide uncensored work that helps us navigate through the Matrix.

I hope you understand and that this is fair. ~ Marina

You can email here: CONTACT.


  1. The deadline will be midnight PDT tonight (March 21st) before I announce the winner. As usual, plenty of people asking for free readings, none of the actual donating subscribers asking to to put in the draw! Come on donating/subscribers, this is my way of saying thank you so please email and say you want to go into the draw. So far I have only got 4 genuine entrants. I have too many recurring subscribers to go through the whole list myself. I need you to email me!

  2. I am please to announce a winner! My daughter wasn’t with me this weekend, so I labeled the applicants 1 to 10 and she picked a number. It was three so the winner is Paty. I have sent you an email Paty. Congratulations. x


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