Karmic Synastry Sample

Composite Chart

Sun is conjunct Saturn so this is a serious relationship, together you act responsibility Jupiter is trine Pluto which is large scale success, the millionaires aspect. Big plans and big success. The North Node is conjunct the Midheaven so the goal of this relationship are a high priority, very goal oriented and the career of each person is instrumental in that.

If one person takes the lead role here then the other will work to support and never feel jealous. You are working together as a team. The Part of Fortune in this chart is on Arcturus, your Venus and his Uranus. That can only mean good things. You are both individually path finder, leading the way, and as a couple this is your strength and success and happiness comes from it.

Pluto and the last Lunar Eclipse trine the Chiron so this is a healing time for your relationship. In The current cardinal cross is not really aspecting anything in the chart so no drama’s there. The December 2010 Lunar Eclipse trine the North Node MC so into next year is focused on your goals and getting where you need to be as a couple. All very positive and growing the foundations as well as succeeding out in the world in careers.

North Node on MC also means you are meant to be in the public eye as a couple, so those times when you are at home together are so precious and emotionally comforting. The January 2010 solar eclipse is bang on the composite AC. The first half of 2010 really is a defining time for your relationship. The rising star for your partnership is in constellation Sagittarius, the star Ascella “It gives good fortune and happiness”

The Moon in this composite chart denotes family, the home and domestic conditions. Pluto will trine this Moon staring the first half of 2012 and for all of 2013 especially. Pluto in transit means profound changes and transformation and the trine means they will be welcome and come easily. This could manifest as moving home, updating or expanding the home, or growing a family. Whatever eventuates should be a deeply emotionally and rewarding experience.

The Davison Chart

So you have Mercury rising. This has always been a changeable relationship and with Mars and the Sun in the first house. Highly energetic, passionate exciting. Suggests a lot of moving around. Of course communication between you is and always has been strong. Again I get the feeling of a real matey, brother/sister bond between you in one life together. But you come across to the world as young at heart with a bit of the trickster energy thrown in.

Mercury is on the star Nunki “is an indicator of one who may be expected to be an authoritative orator on Sagittarius and Capricorn topics on business, state or foreign affairs, religion. Interest in long distance travel and in ships and airplanes.” So together you have a voice on the business of travel, like being a foreign affairs minister or something like that. In a past life this could also mean being an authority in the church. Maybe priests together?

You have powerful Regulus on the IC, the heart of the Lion and on of the Royal stars. So I’d say you definitely held a high position together.  Your Venus in the 2nd suggests this too with the wealth it can bring. But sometimes this can be indulgence. You have Venus trine Juno very tightly. So of course you must’ve been married.

Venus trine Juno again speaks of each other being the perfect mate. But here’s the BUT, Juno is on the fixed star Agena. But gives it abit of a taste for vengence, a love of fighting and strong passions. For Brady it indicates “The pain of learning”. So you have probably learnt some painful lessons in the past, as a couple, through your impulsiveness and unbridled passions.

The next closest aspect is a quincunx from Ceres to the Moon in the 4th house. This suggests you were and will be very comfortable materially. The quincunx shows a need to not be overly attached to material goods. There is also an indication of a possessive mother here with Ceres being quite near Pluto. Ceres is however parallel the bold Eagle of Altair and in the foreigners 9th house. So it looks like this mother is far away. Maybe you needed to get away from her domineering your lives.

The major big issue in this chart is the Grand Cross between unsurprisingly Uranus, the Sun, the Moon and Saturn. So this is all about freedom V security, ego V self sacrifice. The Sun opposed Saturn gives it stability but it can also feel imprisoning to the Moon opposing Uranus which needs freedom, but at the same time feels nervous of it. I’m sure now this had something to do with you both disobeying your parents and running off together. But when you had found your freedom you were left out on your own, without family support and found it hard to cope.

This is confirmed by Saturn being parallel Diadem, which showed a sacrifice was made. Saturn is also conjunct Dubhe which is a loving father, but forceful. Uranus tho is conjunct two stars Alphecca which is creativity and fruitfulness and fixed star Acrux which is making manifest your wishes in the physical world. It shows that once you get true Independence you can make it work. And suggest this life is where you make this happen. But Alphecca with Uranus does warn of a time of selfishness in that past life where you really had to fight for an inheritance due to your rebellious and impulsive actions then.

The Tarot & The Nodes.

You have the Nodes conjunct the IC/MC axis which means there is certainly some karma involving the parents of both or one of you. The IC as I already said is parallel the star Regulus, and the South node is on the Nebula Vertex in Andromeda. The princess who was chained to a rock. Andromeda’s father basically sacrificed his daughter to save his kingdom. In modern terms this would be like an arranged marriage. Sacrificing his daughters happiness for the good of the family as a whole. Near Regulus the King which speaks of great success of revenge is avoided. I wonder if someone took revenge against your father for this act. Maybe Marty in another life and then you were both punished.

This could be the underlying reason for your fear of commitment for so long. The unconscious memory of the pain caused by your being together officially. Because Chiron the wounded one is conjunct the South Node also. The card I picked for the past is Autumn, the Princess of Cups. Following the journey of meeting and marriage (Libra) consummation (Scorpio.) and then passing on knowledge (Sag) This is emotional maturation through metamorphosis. This relationship has been karmic for your joint souls evolution. Tie that with Chiron we get learning through suffering, becoming the wounded healer. Both of you can now pass on what you have learn through this past hurt.

The card for the present is the 2 of Swords, Lupus. This is coming to come kind of truce. This is Uranus in Libra and is VERY descriptive of your exact Venus/Uranus conjunction. This is that erratic making up and breaking up. Separation and the excitement of getting together again after being apart. It could be some kind of compromise about how much freedom you give each other. I think this relationship needs a lot of space so you don’t get bored of each other. And that Pluto square Mars is extremely explosive if you start to get on each others nerves by living on top of each other. This card shows a needs to sacrifice your instinctive and reactionary responses in favour of a more balanced and reflective approach.

The North Node is is on Izar in the belt of the Ploughman – Constellation Bootes. It has quite a few associations. It means “to holler” and is connected to alcohol in the sense it loosens your tongue. I think this would mean you both need to speak out in this lifetime. Your AC star was related to being orators on business, religion or travel. Your joint mission in this life involves speaking your truth as a couple on these subjects. Even your joint MC is on Miaplacidus which is in the keel of the great ship Argos. Which again speaks of voyages.

This can also mean study and broadening the mind. The Future card is the prince Of Pentacles. How sweet that in the card the Prince – Marty, is down on one knee offering the Virgin- you, a gift. This is Mercury in Virgo. So this is the gift of communication. She in turn is his spiritual guide. He gives you confidence to find your voice and you give him confidence to listen to his intuition.

This also repeats the theme of Mercury on the AC which is also squared Pluto which really gives it some power. It also means you are likely to be breaking taboos with what you say. Pluto is also in the 9th with your North Node which is also Jupiter’s house and your part of fortune is also there. This is spelling out that travel, justice, religion, teaching and philosophy are going to be the themes in your relationship. And with Lilith trine Mars you will certainly cause some controversy too!

Your aspects to the Davison.

Wow! This is where it always gets interesting. Your AC is on the Sun of The Davison. So your soul is connected to the heart of this relationship. It also means of course it is severely involved in that Grand Cross. You have been the most active in this rebellion. Actually I think you could’ve even been the man and he the woman in your past marriage. Which would mean that you were the one who dealt the Regulus revenge in the past. Also the Sun is connected with Leo and Regulus of course. A courageous, but daring act. Yes I think Regulus was you.

No way!, I’m certain of it now. Your Moon is bang on the Davison South Node (0º01’!)and therefore close to that IC/Regulus.
Your Chiron is on the Davison Moon, the wound from the past you now have to heal. Which must be the act of revenge you took. Your Mercury is on the Davison North Node. I think we now have to swap my Nodes story round and say. It is YOU who is giving the voice to the relationship and Billy is the Virgin Spiritual guide. It could be either one with Mercury’s duality, it means you can flip into each others roles. Like twins.

Marty’s aspects to the Davison

So his Lilith is on the Davison Mercury, this means he was the priestess energy. The voice of intuition speaking quietly. This is confirmed by his Moon being on the Davisions Lilith/Jupiter conjunction. I really think he was the woman, the chained princess. Lilith rebeled against god (Jupiter) and was exiled. So he ran away with you and was exiled from his family. Are these dynamics are playing out in this lifetime with any of you or your families?
His MC/Pluto on the Davison’s Part Of Fortune. Pluto can be the buried gold and the POF the treasure. He may have gained control of his “inheritance” now. He has the power he didn’t have before. The MC/Pluto of course can be a powerful mother also.

The story was spelled out pretty clearly as it unfolded. I can see there was a great deal of drama and separations in your past connections. You have both got used to the excitement of the set up subconsciously so you now have to learn to live with some Saturn stability without finding it boring.

Draco charts

Your AC conjunct his Moon and his AC is conjunct your North Node. This is a very strong karmic bond between two souls and gives a close emotional attachment this life. It also suggest a past life together in which you were extremely close within the same tribe and more likely the same family unit. This will give you both a feeling now of responsibility for each other, an urge to protect and look after each other.

All this is confirmed with your Saturn opposite his Saturn, the planet of Karma and heritage. because they are opposite I get the feeling that there was a generational age gap in the past life relationship, yet still a very close bond and sense of responsibility for each other. This again will come through and support those themes of of looking after each other this time around. There is a shared responsibility occurring. Emotional responsibility, responsibility for family and this came out in the natal synastry with your Saturn trine his Moon.

Also in the natal synastry there was strong Neptune influence in a positive way so this time you also share a dream and vision for the future. Backing this up is the soul memory of the close emotional bond and shared responsibility.

There was a sudden upset, totally unexpected which occurred and that is why you have come together again because you missed each other so much when the event tore you apart. Your Sun is square his Uranus, and his Sun is square your Uranus!Your relationship was very healing not only for each of you but for the family member for which you were responsible. Your Chiron is trine his Chiron.

I have the feeling you were not lovers in this past life but you definitely loved each other deeply. Most likely you were closely related and this was in a culture or environment where the kids were of the tribe or extended family were a shared responsibility, it was no so important who the biological parents were, just that you were all family and it was you two who were the responsible ones for that group.

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