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Scorpio decan 1

Sagittarius Decan 1

Birthdays: November 23 – December 2.

‘PRIVATES’ INVESTIGATORS. The great attraction for foreign cultures serves these subjects well when looking for herbs (Or drugs..), cures and enlightenment from far and wide.

STARS ~ Kornephoros in Hercules, Yed Prior, Yed Posterior & Han in Ophuichus, Dschubba, Acrab & Antares in Scorpio.

Sagittarius decan 2

Sagittarius Decan 2

Birthdays: December 3 – 12

13TH FAIRY. This decan seems to be about hidden knowledge and the importance of using it with integrity. It is vital for these subjects to keep in contact with nature.

STARS ~ Alwaid in Draco, Ras Algethi in Hercules, Grafias in Scorpio and Sabik in Ophuichus.

Sagittarius Decan3

Sagittarius Decan 3

Birthdays: December 13 – 22

DISORDERED CRYSTALS. These people are often seen as trouble makers, misunderstood, exiled and tortured for their beliefs. Need to have access to the nature spirits.

STARS ~ Ras Alhague in Ophuichus, Lesath and Acumen in Scorpio, Etamin in Draco and Galactic Center.