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Aries Decan 1

Aries Decan 1 ~ March 20 to 29

TO BOLDLY GO. These impulsive souls try everything at once and grab with both hands. They want it all and they want it now, being the start of a new cycle.

STARS ~ Kerb in Pegasus, Debeb Kaitos in Cetus, Algenib in Pegasus & Erakis in Cepheus.

Cancer decan 2

Cancer Decan 2 ~ July 1 to 12

Birthdays: July 1 – 12

DEVOTED WOLVES. These people are no pushovers. When young they are as cute as hell with puppy dog eyes. Then they grow up to be great hairy wolves.

STARS ~Sirius in Canis Major, Canopus in Argos, Wasat in Pollux (Gemini)

Cancer decan 1

Cancer Decan 1 ~ June 21 to 30

Birthdays: June 21 – July 1

RABID LOYALTY. These people are extremely opinionated and have to have their say. It’s impossible to put a muzzle on them. Try to gag them and watch out for a rabid fit.

STARS ~ Propus & Tejat Posterior in the Castor (Gemini), Mirzam in Canis Major, Alhena in Pollux (Gemini).

Pisces Decan 3 ~ March 9 to 20

STAR MEASURERS. The zone of the impossible, for here we have aeronautical fishes! It is bursting with anticipation for the future and impatient since they have been cocooned for so long.

STARS ~ Markab, Matar & Scheat in Pegasus, Azelfafage in Cygnus.

Pisces decan 2

Pisces Decan 2 ~ Feb 28 to 9

Birthdays: March 1 – 9

VICTIM SAVIOUR. The most liquid area of Pisces, which means it also risks being the most toxic. Are supremely absorbent of their environment, so can work positively or negatively.

STARS ~ Achernar in Eridanus, Ankaa in Phoenix, Homan in Pegasus.