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Planet Pluto

Planet Pluto

When Pluto was born into our consciousness talkie films had just started, TV had just been invented and even the very first computer had been developed. The mass media gave us...


Chiron was discovered November 1 1977, the year of Star Wars, the Sex Pistols, Apple Computers Incorporated, and the year Elvis died. 1977 is...
Black Moon Lilith

The Three Lilith Points

There are three versions of Lilith you can place in your chart. We have Black Moon Lilith, Asteroid Lilith and the lesser known Dark Moon Lilith....

Minor Planet Sedna

Sedna was discovered in 2003. The planets discovery has only been possible because right now it's at perihelion (closest to the Sun). Eris was actually...

Asteroid Cybele

Cybele is an earth mother goddess with a twist, she is a rather colourful character depicted as an exotic foreigner arriving on a chariot drawn by roaring loins and escorted by drunken, ecstatic revellers playing wild music.