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Mars Opposition Jupiter

Mars Square Jupiter ~ Conquista

JUNE 25: Mars square or opposite Jupiter is the best combination for a military commander, for it is daring, courageous, pioneering and busting with...

Betelgeuse ~ Birthdays June 19 to 21

Betelgeuse is the famous bright red star in the shoulder of Orion. Currently it is positioned at 28º 45’ Gemini*. Orion is probably one...
Lunar Eclipse August

Lunar Eclipse August 2017 ~ The Watchers

The full moon Lunar Eclipse on August 7 falls at 15º Aquarius decan 2. The Lunar Eclipse August is a part geek, part charging...
Mars square opposition Pluto

Mars Opposition Pluto ~ Predator

JUL 2 Mars square or opposition Pluto marries sex with power, since the dynamism of the hard aspect will pull out these planets most...
Mars opposite square Uranus

Mars Square Uranus ~ Risk Taker

JUL 18 Mars opposition or square Uranus is a risk-taker and racer. It feeds off adrenaline and has very little patience. Mars/Uranus hard aspects seem...