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Capricorn May Horoscope 2016. You will be feeling quite cheeky with Mercury Retrograde clowning around in your pleasure zone this month. The Sun is also at it’s most joyous in this lovely summertime sector so you can look forward to a whole month of laughter, pleasure, feeling light of heart and enjoying your most precious love connections. The temptation to spend time away from more serious commitments and your work desk will be very strong. It is wise therefore to try to plan leisure activities and parties for this period. Your fun-loving energy is infectious and will attract other likeminded pleasure seekers into your circle. It really will be a case of the more the merrier as the warm rays of the Sun’s happy smiling vibe reach far and wide. This is also the sector of children, so you will enjoy horsing around with younger members of your tribe. Others will enjoy acting like teenagers, so let your hair right down until May 21. After that, it is back to work and the cold shower of organising your life and waking up at a civilised hour.

Capricorn May 2016 ~ Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the arch trickster in this house and it’s most playful. During this time you are most likely to have the urge to play pranks on people, the problem is there is a high chance they will backfire, so just don’t! However you should take advantage of the silliness that is pervading the air and go see some comedy shows or such like. It will be rip-roaring fun as laughter is infectious. This is a time where you could get the giggles over nothing at all, so probably not the best time to take on board anything serious. You will find it very hard to be tactful, because your trickster tongue will have a mind of its own. Therefore no earnest speeches at funerals. This is a very childlike period for you were you will regress to the mentality of an 8 year old. Having fun with the little people then, would probably be the best way to ride this Mercury retrograde out you can make all the fart noises you want then. This is a fabulous time for playing games too, so getting together with a bunch of mates to play drunken twister would also be fun. Making babies might also be well starred just because this is the zone of children and recreational sex. You might even end up with twins!

Capricorn May 2016 ~ Emotions

The May 21 Full Moon will leave you wanting to be a hermit. Indeed you really should take this opportunity to withdraw and be kind to yourself. During this period you will feeling extra sensitive to criticism and more insecure than ever, so the further you are away from abrasive people the better. Why put your open wounds out there just for people to rub gritty, salty sand over them. Ouch! No you absolutely don’t have to do that. Instead work on healing those very wounds in private, in the sanctuary of your home. This is a potent lunar time where you can acutely feel where those openings are. The sharp moonlight can assist as you carefully sew strands of silver moon thread through your tender flesh. There is no one there to scold you or tell you your are too sensitive as you cry out in pain. This is a wonderfully mystical time as you go through the dark night of the soul and sob cleansing tears of purification. Let it go…let it go…

Capricorn May 2016 ~ Love

Up until May 24 should be the most romantic part of the year for you. Venus becomes pure joy itself in this pleasure zone of your chart. Give yourself full permission to devote yourself to love, romance and 5 star indulgence. This is a wonderful time to take a holiday, as the current energies are far more conducive to play than work. For single people it would be a real waste to be stuck behind a desk as you are brimming with Venusian attraction. But wherever you are, it would be hugely beneficial to get in touch with your creative side and spent time immersed in the arts. Outings to museums, theatres and concerts, could bring that important connection to someone else with whom you can share the finer things in life. Most of all, you are appealing to others because you are happy and confident with just being yourself. Make the most of this fantastic period.

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