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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

The weekly Horoscope for Cancer
and Cancer Rising for June 30 – July 6. You are shining as bright as can be and everyone wants a piece of you. You are split three ways between pleasing yourself, your spouse and your boss. Even if you work for yourself you may still feel torn. But you are not the holy trinity that can be omnipresent. A compromise is needed. Partners are feeling rather overbearing though, so you probably have to do your amazing squish-yourself-into-a-tiny-shell act. In your cave you will find the answer to your dilemma, so do allow yourself some time out before you become that sea food platter that I referred to in the weekly horoscope. The time is ripe for you crabs to make wonderful things happen. This can only happen by careful assessment of your available energy, where to put it and how much of it to put.


  1. Hi! Although I’ve never felt like a cancer, I’m a cancer decan 1 rising and sun! Both at 4 degrees cancer in my first house … The last post that speaks about an exotic foreigner (Saturn on 5th) fits me right to the T! I recently met someone from England who is much older than me (he’s 49 I’m 30) … Anyway I’m new on this site and will be definitely coming back for more as I find other horoscopes too generalized and not matching me at all!! Keep it up!! Xoxo

  2. As you said in the Reading, Marina! The big one…

    Let´s just see what it comes, and to really flow, like a good cancerian. Somehow, I don´t feel affraid (as I always do). And I´m really willing to make the difference.


    The periwinkle… mean… R.


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