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Your Cancer Horoscope for May 2016 gives you an easy social month as Mercury Retrograde slows down to a chillaxing pace in a benign sector of your chart. Think slow, speak slow, breathe slow.. aaaahhhhh yes… It’s time to connect with those folk with whom you share the same dreams, at least until May 21. No need to dash all over the place, just have relaxed get-togethers with close pals you don’t have to make much effort with. It is through conversing with our peers that we come to see our place in the world. Are we out of touch? Are we alienated, or are we simply a square peg in a round hole. If we don’t feel we resonate with our old mates any longer, it could be a sign that we have grown out of that scene. This might be a very good thing if it was actually quite a negative scene that supported bad habits or addictions.

If you realise that kinship is really thin on the ground, then this is the ideal time to consciously work at making new friends. The best way to do this is joining common interest groups or start up a “meet up” group of your own that arranges outings to your favourite places. These could be art galleries, historical places or concerts. If we tend to fall into the same old habits when we socialise, this month could change all that. Be adventurous and get cultural, rather than meeting at that same old bar or pub. After May 21 you may feel more like going into hermit mode, especially if you have been burning the candle at both ends with your new, revived social life. Enjoy the last week of the month to rest and recharge especially since the coming Full Moon will falls in your health zone which therefore makes your vulnerable to colds and flu if you have run yourself down.

Cancer May 2016 ~ Mercury Retrograde

Mercury swoops backwards in your hopes and dreams sector, which will force you into facing wether these hopes are realistic or not. It may be time now to revise your goals. Are they too high or not high enough. Have you even had the time to sit down and envision some kind of dream future scenario? If not then this is that very moment, so daydream as much as you can. It’s not time- wasting at all because what you are doing is manifestation! Yes it is corny, but you really have to have a wish to make a wish come true. In some cases it’s even about being careful what you wish for. For you might think you want to live in a certain high status neighbourhood, but think about the vibe of the people there also will you always be putting on a front? This is a time for doing a lot of plain thinking and for making sure that the ultimate prize that you have put on your future mantelpiece isn’t just to impress your parents or peers. Ask yourself why you really want this. Would this prize really make your soul happy if there was no audience? Sometime we can make very pretentious decisions, just because we are afraid our friends won’t like us if we revealed our true selves. Other possibilities at this time, is that you make friends with a much younger crowd than usual who help give you a fresh, new perspective on life.

Cancer May 2016 ~ Emotions

The May 21 Full Moon then, will put into focus practical matters and the need to organise your life. Habitual reactions are strong at the moment, so much so, that if you want to replace one bad habit with a good one, you will easily fall into the new routine. This is a great time to start an exercise program while you are much less swayed by emotional impulses and your will power is strong. You might also feel compelled to give your home a good scrub from top to bottom as hygiene becomes really important to you. The glare of the Full Moon will show up grime that has built up in your life and foot prints of any toxic rodents. It is a time for purging and releasing. This means weeding out parts of your work time table that are not profitable or cutting time spent with people who are draining you. Playing the martyr will only show up as health problems. Venus square Pluto on April 19/20 could show who you need to purge out of your life with your Full Moon spring clean. Although this month generally love and friendship go together like a horse and carriage (See Love below) there may be just one spiky weed of a friend that you need to let go of. One who is poisoning an otherwise green and healthy lawn.

Cancer May 2016 ~ Love

Your love life lightens up after a month of putting business first. A friend could become your lover when Venus graces this sector of your chart! Interactions with your closest mates could also bring a long term partner into your life if you are single. Potential lovers at this time will feel more of a friendly connection than a sexual one, the importance is having a great rapport with them. The main influence will be the ability to get on well and harmonise with a wide variety of people. There should be no conflicts as you are feeling relaxed and content and radiating that out to others who then feel the same. The ego is pretty much in total sleep mode, so any potentially flammable communications are glossed over without any upset. If your new love has not yet met any of your friends then this is a great time to mix the two as the atmosphere is easy, warm and affectionate. Bringing lovers and friends together in a group setting are exceeding well starred, and any parties you attend should be more fun than usual, again the possibility of making a romantic connection at these events is very high so get out there in your Saturday best. After May 24 your heart wants some alone time so make any important dates before then.

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