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2017 has a very ‘nest-building’ feel to it for Cancer. This is due to the combined influence of growth in the home and the need to organise your very busy work schedule. This is a year when you have to grow up very quickly if you are usually a bit of a hedonist. Friends will try very hard to tempt you away and might succeed at first.

However, as the year progresses it will be increasingly difficult to amputate that pen, paint-brush, hammer, wet-wipe or keyboard from your hand. You will also find yourself pulled toward older, wiser guides who will help steer you away from any destabilizing Lilith forbidden fruit. There is quite a bit of ‘inner work’ eclipse energy for you this year, which examines your self-worth, ethics, morals and shameful feelings. This adds to the need to take responsibility for your life-direction and any wrong turns….

Cancer 2017 Destiny

Jupiter in Libra: Jan 1 to Oct 11. If there ever was a time to buy a house then this is it! Generous Jupiter should grant you the mother of all accommodation. Property investment is classic behavior at this time. But it’s not all about building Trump towers. A fantastic sense of pleasure is felt by being at home with your family. Your clan base is enriched in every way and you will want to spend as much time as possible in it….

Cancer 2017 Fate

Saturn In Sagittarius: Jan 1 until Dec 20. It’s plow the field time! Prepare to put some wellie into this period, as Saturn cracks the whip in your house of daily grind and routines. This period can be hard to manage in terms of energy consumption. You need to be sowing seeds for your future, but at the same time you cannot afford to suffer from burn-out. This can very easily be a time where you become a workaholic, which will be just fine as long as your don’t try to burn the candle at both ends also. If work must be your total focus, then put 100% into it and this area of your life only….

Cancer 2017 Eclipses

The effects will last until August when next eclipse cycle starts.

Lunar Eclipse Leo: Feb 11. Your self-worth is called into question by a crisis that hits your partner’s bank balance or there is a sudden demand of debt owed. Are you feeling insecure because your perceived value relies so much on the material success of another? This can emphasis the parasitical relationship between banker and borrower or the addict and its drug pusher. This Lunar eclipse will hit you hard in the pocket if you rely too much on the generosity of others. If you have lost out financially then the Lunar Eclipse’s message is that you have not invested enough in your own self esteem. We feel good about ourselves when we have worked hard on our usefulness in the world. This does not mean we have to be earning big bucks, our worth can be bringing up children with patience and kindness.

Solar Eclipse Pisces: Feb 26. An eclipse in your house of philosophy could trigger a crisis in morals and ethics. You will be prompted to address your life code and the standards you live by. Events force you to question the beliefs you grew up with and send on a quest for wisdom and truth. This search could prompt you to start an education course that at the same time promotes cultural expansion, self awareness and personal growth. The study is not simply about gaining qualifications to further your career (Though this is a pleasant side effect.), but rather it’s about something intangible that alters your beliefs and shifts you out of your programmed assumptions about religion and spirituality.

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