Aviation Shutdown & Volcano

By | April 17, 2010

Lynn Hayes at Astrological Musings has found some interesting astrology about the Icelandic volcano in The astrology of the Iceland volcano.

The original eruption at Eyjafjallojokull started late in December, with Saturn and Pluto aligned in a tight challenging square formation, seismic activity began to activate the Eyjafjallojokull volcano area. The challenging square formation creates a buildup of energy that necessitates a release, often an explosion or crisis of some kind.”The latest eruption which has caused so much chaos to air travel started on the day of the last New Moon, or as Marina termed it, A New Moon with Va Va Voooom.

The fixed star Scheat is 29pis31. The day of the last New Moon, Saturn was exactly opposite at 29vir31. This is important because Scheat has long been associated with catastrophic events. The influence of Scheat is gaining strength as Uranus is applying within one degree of this star, soon to be followed in conjunction with Jupiter. Aviation has been effected before when planets conjunct Scheat, as discussed in Scheat, Pegasus Constellation.

Europe is now in the biggest airspace shutdown since World War II.” [BBC],  and “the situation is worsening”. Jupiter (biggest) conjunct Uranus (airspace) opposite Saturn (shutdown), worsening as Jupiter and Uranus closes in on Scheat. There is lots to work with here as far as astrological keywords goes.

Jupiter is long distance travel, Uranus explosions and unexpected events as well as airplanes, and Saturn is delays and grounding. Jupiter is also wealth, and the airlines, already suffering from the global financial crisis, are loosing $200 million a day. Individuals are loosing too, as this eruption is an act of God, travel insurance has been struck by Saturns scythe.

26 April – Saturn opposite Uranus 14 May - Uranus conjunct Scheat
2 June – Jupiter conjunct Scheat 8 June – Jupiter conjunct Uranus.


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  1. Jamie Funk

    Thanks for that insight vrnda dd, will check out the charts on those ones. Good find!

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