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Asteroid Isis AstrologyAsteroid Isis is chiefly worshiped as the Goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility. She is also the protector of dead and devoted wife. Isis famously scoured the earth for the dismembered parts of her husband Osiris’s body after his jealous brother Set had chopped him into 14 pieces. She recovered 13 parts, but needed to use her magical ability to create the missing phallus, breathe new life into and even have a son from her formerly dead husband.

Isis’s theme is bringing together, unifying and guarding the Pharaoh; she is the seat of power, the throne and her husband’s support. Isis is also about resurrection, re-assembling and re-membering. Isis is the Egyptian equivalent of Virgo and is the uber-goddess, originator of all dark lunar goddesses. She is the daughter of Nut, the night sky, the nothingness that strings together and upholds the stars with invisible support. Just like her mother she stitches together parts to create one whole being. She creates and unifies.

Asteroid Isis Horoscope

Isis was discovered in 1856 in Oxford. The time is an estimate, so I won’t look at the angles. She has Sun sextile Jupiter, Sun trine Lilith and Sun trine Mars which together befit the Goddesses of all Goddesses as a regal warrior queen.Mars opposite Jupiter gives her invincibility and passion to pursue a difficult mission against all odds, to the bitter end. The Sun aspecting two sides of the opposition harmoniously, ensures diplomacy and success. Representing the Virgo archetype, Isis has Spica on the South Node It gives success, renown, riches, a sweet disposition, love of art and science, unscrupulousness, unfruitfulness and injustice to innocence.” [1] Ceres (Spica) itself is on Rigel, which happens to be in her husband Osiris’s constellation Orion. “It gives benevolence, honor, riches, happiness, glory, renown and inventive or mechanical ability.”[2]

Isis Astrology Mercury is on Betelgeuse also in Orion! Here it brings “Serious, studious, scientific and literary, fame through writings.”[3] Isis’s strong connection to magic is found in the gift of the Moon/Neptune/Uranus minor grand trine. It’s just wonderful to have the mystic Neptune working in harmony with intuitive flashes from Uranus, both plugging into her lunar wisdom. Moon on Peacock gives her charisma and flamboyant charm.“Pavo is said to give vanity and love of display, together with a long life and sometimes fame.” [4]

Asteroid Isis in Astrology

I would expect then to see Isis strong in writers and strategists. People who can collate disperate information and breathe new life into it. Mars quincunx Pluto is passion and the killer instinct, but the Venus sextile Neptune shows her softer side and utter devotion in love. Those who have a career in the occult and astrology would find Isis very useful to have in their charts because of the strong Mercury and the ability to divine a coherent message from many different symbols. Isis probably carries with it some chance of fame judging by the amount of stars she has promising renown. Hilary Clinton is a good example of a regal Isis woman standing by her man, success in writings and certainly fame. She has Isis in a stellium conjunct Venus and Chiron.

1, 2,3 & 4. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923. p.211, p.197-198, p.147, p.55.

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  1. In your natal chart, Isis indicates a point of true and undeniable love, an unwavering devotion to your chosen mate. Here, you are prepared to do whatever it takes to maintain the connection. There is extreme forgiveness and understanding, even in the face of jealousy, adversity and unfaithfulness. No doubt the Isis individual experiences infidelity within their connections a few times and unless there is a natal Uranus, or Pluto aspect controlling it, they are the type that will be able to heal from that whilst remaining in the relationship.


    • Mmmm interesting stuff! Looking at my chart Isis is trined Uranus and Pluto,squared my Mars and inconjunct my Sun! Guess this here..”Those with the Uranus or Pluto connections however, would have no tolerance for any form of betrayal and would easily move on from a connection where infidelity was experienced.”…may well apply! Also noticed that there seems to be a double whammy building up between transiting Pluto applying to natal Isis in the 9th conjunct MC and transiting Isis heading for my natal Pluto in the 5th!…ummm yeahh..must re read again! :O

    • interesting…with isis conjunct my mars, square my moon, and inconjunct my pluto, I agree with this. I am very forgiving and understanding…to a fault.

  2. Wonder Where Isis ice into Hilary Clinton’s chart?
    Thank you Marina …
    She has the scorpion in 4 “15 deg, the 5th Isis gained power over the scorpions Because she named Them in her spell. That there were seven scorpions ice Also important as the number seven was deemed to be magically potent and was Used in Various spells , Especially one associate wing the tying and untying of seven knots.

    Although Isis was Effective magic in this tale into a story Further Horus was bitten while Isis left heaven in the marshes at Khemmis HAVING gone to find food. Her Screams reached the ears of the Sun God Re and this caused heaven to bring his sun-boat to a level Causing the Earth to Be plunged Into darkness.

    Isis, Spiritual Mother, superior Moon. It gives cleanse and transformation, it’s connected with alchemy of soul. Isis gives vent to the man the cosmic waters washing off all evil and filth, bringing his soul in primary, clarified condition.

    • THIS GOOD BOOK AND THERE IS A BOOK THAT DRIVES ISIS IN COSMOS OF THE Astrology … It’s really important when you have the aspect of Isis and Uranus and Saturn and Pluto …


      Isis with mars can indicate to unify, reunify, recombine, reconstruct, reconcile, make peace, put together, or hold together, or attempt to do so; to synthesize, meld, or blend; “to put two and two together”; to be strong; females as strong, assertive or aggressive..

      Roberts, Julia isis in the 1 house ..
      Unselfish and tenderhearted you show compassion towards anyone suffering or in need of aid, but you’re also a real ‘soft touch’ and easily taken in by a good sob story. You willing give of your time to any project that can benefit many people, with little or no thought of personal gain. You’re highly idealistic and apt to view others through rose-colored glasses. You put people on pedestals as well and when they fall off, you become depressed and disillusioned. You’re also an eager beaver, ever at the ready to run with an idea, but you tend to promise much more than you can possibly deliver. You wear rose-colored glasses, that let you go where even angles fear to tread, taking risks you would never consider were you to take them off. When your idealistic plans for social change wind up being a fiasco this is the reason why..

      Astrologer Noel Tyl has Isis in the eighth house, conjunct Mercury (writings, thoughts, speaking), decile Pallas (conceptualization) and the Midheaven, and quincunx Don Quixote (to undertake something) and the Ascendant.

      Elvis Presley, who met his wife Priscilla when she was just 14 and groomed her to be his wife, had Isis in the ninth house, on the cusp, trine Nessus (appetites, to take something), biquintile the Sun (to shine, the role of the husband), quincunx Mercury (the media) and contraparallel Venus (love, marriage, young girls) and the Ascendant.

      Ray Charles, whose music is said to be a synthesis of gospel and secular music, had Isis undecimal Ceres (to nurture), decile Neptune (music), sextile the Sun (to shine), trine Hylonome (popular appeal), parallel Mars (energy), and contraparallel Saturn (work).

      Mahatma Gandhi endeavored to make peace between India’s squabbling castes and religions and tried unsuccessfully to prevent the partition of the Indian subcontinent. He had Isis sextile Ceres, square Mercury and quincunx Chaos (activism, groundbreaking effort, chaos).

      Malcolm X abandoned anti-white racism and began to preach racial reconciliation after a religious epiphany experienced on a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, and was assassinated by his former followers. He had Isis in the second house of values, conjunct Damocles (danger, politics, experience of groupthink, pushing the envelope, drastic change), sextile Juno (the dispossessed) and Nessus (psychological toxins), square Hidalgo (to assert, to promote, to defend) and Phaethon (veering out of control), and quincunx Elatus (eloquent expression) and Don Quixote.

      Former German chancellor Helmut Kohl, who presided over the reunification of Germany following the fall of the Berlin Wall, has Isis decile Sun, quintile Vesta and square Damocles.

      Jimmy Carter has Isis in the first house, decile Mercury, square Don Quixote (to take on entrenched forces), trine Mars, and parallel the Ascendant.

      Bill Clinton, another would-be peacemaker who found himself fighting to save his marriage and his political career after a sex sandal generated in large part by his political enemies, has Isis in the eleventh house of politics, sextile Jupiter (religion, law) and Uranus (activism), trine Elatus and Heracles (to strive with or for), and quincunx Pholus (foolish behavior, to insinuate oneself in), Chaos and Cruithne (to make one’s mark, to be marked or branded).

      Hillary Clinton, who chose to stick with her errant husband rather than bail out of the marriage, has Isis semisquare Juno (marriage), square Mars and Pluto, and tredecile Vesta (dedication).

      Pioneering American female military pilot Jacqueline Cochran (born Bessie Lee Pittman on May 11, 1906 in Cantonment, Florida—the ghost town of Muscogee just to the west, actually) headed the WASPs (a corps of female military pilots performing noncombat flight duty) during World War II, and later served as a test pilot. She had Isis conjunct Varuna (growing huge, a judgment coming), trine Don Quixote, opposite Ixion (inventiveness, creating karma), and contraparallel the North Node (giving out, transcending past influences, making connect

      Newtoon , isaac , has isis i 12 h i scorpion conj jupiter ./ Newton died in London on March 20th, 1727, and was buried in Westminster Abbey was the Isis when he died !!!


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