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My research on astrological aspects is a work in progress. I am looking at charts of famous and notable people with aspects of 2.30º and less. For the meaning of each type of aspect see Astrology Aspects Explained.

Sun AspectsMoon AspectsMercury Aspects Venus Aspects – Mars AspectsJupiter Aspects –  Saturn Aspects – Uranus Aspects – Pluto Aspects

Sun Aspects

MOON: Sun quincunx Moon • Sun opposite Moon
MERCURY: Sun conjunct Mercury
VENUS: Sun conjunct Venus
MARS: Sun sextile/trine Mars • Sun square/opposition Mars
JUPITER: Sun sextile/trine Jupiter Sun square/opposition Jupiter
SATURN: Sun sextile/trine Saturn • Sun square/opposite Saturn
URANUS: Sun conjunct/quincunx Uranus • Sun square/opposition Uranus • Sun sextile/trine Uranus
NEPTUNE: Sun conjunct/quincunx Neptune • Sun sextile/trine Neptune • Sun square/opposite Neptune
PLUTO: Sun conjunct/quincunx Pluto  • Sun square/opposition Pluto • Sun sextile/trine Pluto
LILITH : Sun conjunct/quincunx Lilith • Sun sextile/trine Lilith •  Sun square Lilith  •  Sun opposite Lilith
CERES:  Sun conjunct/quincunx Ceres  • Sun sextile Ceres  • Sun square/opposition Ceres  •  Sun trine Ceres  •

Moon Aspects

MERCURY: Moon conjunct Mercury • Moon square/opposite Mercury
VENUS: Moon conjunct/quincunx Venus • Moon opposite Venus
MARS: Moon conjunct/quincunx Mars • Moon sextile/trine Mars • Moon square/opposite Mars •
JUPITER: Moon Conjunct/Quincunx Jupiter • Moon sextile/trine Jupiter • Moon square Jupiter •  Moon opposite Jupiter
SATURN : Moon conjunct Saturn •  Moon square/opposite Saturn  • Moon trine Saturn • Moon quincunx Saturn
URANUS: Moon conjunct Uranus  • Moon sextile/trine Uranus  •  Moon square/opposite Uranus
NEPTUNE:  Moon conjunct/quincunx Neptune  • Moon sextile Neptune  • Moon square/opposition Neptune  •  Moon trine Neptune
PLUTO: Moon conjunct/quincunx Pluto • Moon sextile/trine Pluto • Moon square/opposition Pluto
LILITH: Moon conjunct Lilith • Moon sextile/trine-Lilith  • Moon square/opposite Lilith • Moon quincunx Lilith
CERES: Moon conjunct/quincunx Ceres • Moon sextile/trine Ceres  • Moon square/opposite Ceres

Mercury Aspects

PLUTO: Mercury conjunct Pluto

Venus Aspects

VENUS: Venus conjunct Jupiter • Venus square/opposition Saturn

Mars Aspects

JUPITER: Mars square/opposite Jupiter
SATURN: Mars square/opposite Saturn
URANUS: Mars conjunction Uranus • Mars square/opposite Uranus
NEPTUNE: Mars square/opposite Neptune
PLUTO: Mars conjunct Pluto • Mars square/opposition Pluto

Jupiter Aspects

LILITH: Jupiter conjunct Lilith
JUPITER: Jupiter trine Saturn
URANUS: Jupiter sextile/trine Uranus  • Jupiter square Uranus
PLUTO: Jupiter opposite/square Pluto

Saturn Aspects

URANUS: Saturn Sextile/Trine Uranus
NEPTUNE: Saturn Square Neptune

Uranus Aspects

PLUTO: Uranus square Pluto

Pluto Aspects

ASCENDANT: Pluto Ascendant Aspects


  1. I’m following your ongoing research on aspects Marina and am finding them fascinating and also, extraordinarily accurate and insightful. Have you any idea how long the whole project is going to take to complete? Looking forward to the rest! Good luck and thanks.


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