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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

The weekly horoscope for Aquarius
and Aquarius Rising for June 30 – July 6. Your mind is living in a shoe box and it’s getting tighter each day. Oh hell, Mercury going backwards in the house of routines, graphs and calculators. You just want to be free to create and please yourself while you are fired up with so much inspiration. What a crying shame that you have to concentrate on boring things like getting the dishwasher repaired and accounts. The quarter Moon in your house of locals also feels far too contained, especially when Uranus is about to explode there. You are feeling nervy because you want to spread out far and wide but can’t. Water bearers who don’t get the space they need become hideously cranky. The way to feel a bit better about the mind chastity-belt is to think of it as building a nice solid container to put all your creative gems in. This will protect them for many years to come.


  1. Stunning and awesome. I am Feb 10, decan 3, I just got tens of thousands of dollars out of nowhere…my auntie found a lost insurance policy for me and my sisters, lost for over 6 years. I celebrated by taking my daughter and her cousin to a fancy resort. Is that spot on or what!? I first found this site when my ex told me he just got married and wanted me to be his secret lover….my horoscope here was uncannily spot on and made me a regular to this site. Aloha and Mahalo from Hawaii.

  2. i have to thank you. your advice not to allow oneself to become an “aqua-doormat”, to do your best to apply your “deep freeze detachment on it” was some of the best advice i’ve heard for water bearers since i began studying astrology 50 years ago. while i still struggle with “ego”, it lifted a great burden off my heart.
    in the best spiritual context,
    bless you.


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