Aquarius 2018 Horoscope ~ January to March

Your ruler Saturn moves into Capricorn for the duration of 2018, into a sign that it loves which is a big positive, only you might not see that immediately. There is a temptation within your Aquarius Horoscope 2018 to get very broody if life has not gone in the direction you had hoped. But it is important that you realise there is a very bright light at the end of this Saturn/12th house tunnel! Active cocooning is the best use of this time to prepare for the mature butterfly rebirth that is to come. So clear the decks and say goodbye to draining connections and time-consuming projects that are not bearing fruit. Weed out everything that you do not feel enlivened and excited by. You can feel the impulse welling up inside you, but resist pushing until your really feel you have to. You are literally giving birth to yourself, so you don’t want to bust a gut against locked doors.

Mars enters your important status zone from Jan 1 to 26. You are primed for taking on extra responsibility in your career right now. You don’t mind the extra load as long as you have total say in where and how you distribute it. Your co-workers might take a while to get used to taking instruction from you, so try not to throw your weight around. One thing is for sure, is that you will work extremely hard on the projects that you are given and people will not be able to fault you for that. Keep your head down and try not to get embroiled in office politics, because it is not worth undoing all the good work just because somebody wound you up out of jealousy. The self-employed won’t need to worry about such nonsense, but you might feel like bickering to yourself. Be kind!

2018 Eclipses For Aquarius

With the Jan 31 Lunar Eclipse a ‘new you’ is starting to blossom. As your image changes, so do the people you attract and by the same token, this means there are people that you might find you are starting to repel also! Of course if you are in a marriage than this could be something that does cause a split if your partner feels threatened by your new identity. Sometimes this can even happen by a person losing or gaining a lot of body weight too or sadly even by just ageing. On a positive note, you may have started going to the gym for vanity reasons but the impact on ones health can’t be denied. The Feb 15 Solar Eclipse falls in your own sign! So this means it will be life-changing if you happen not to be too happy with the way things have turned out for you so far. If, on the other hand, you are quite pleased with your life thank you very much, do you need to worry that it will all fall apart at this eclipse? I would say not! Unless you really do have a dead body buried under the patio or are totally living a lie.. This is a way of finding out who your true friends are, being true to your identity and not having to wear a mask.

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Aquarius 2018 Horoscope

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