Aquarius decan 2Aquarius Decan 2 is ruled by Mercury. The fixed stars reside in the goat, the crane, the swan, the southern fish and the dolphin. The Sun aligns with these stars from approximately January 30 until February 9. This is a gentle breed of water bearer, things are a little more mellow here, but it doesn’t mean this section is any less eccentric than Aquarius Decan 1. There is still the famous Aquarian rebelliousness; only here they are mostly mild-mannered. In Decan 2 we find the brooding and sometimes insolent Aquarians. These are the folk who dig their fixed-sign heels real deep if you try to push them while at the same time beaming you an arresting electric grin. This is the Uranian smile that zaps you into laying off them.

Willpower is very strong here and we get great success from this decan mainly because they are too darn stubborn to be swayed from pursuing their goals. In this section we get influence from the water bearer itself with Albali in the left hand of Aquarius, this star in Arabic means “The good fortune of the swallower”, curiously named because this star appeared to absorb the light of some of the stars in the horns of Capricorn next to it. Maybe this gives this decan the ability to restructure and modernise someone else’s work.

Stately Ducks & Professional Cranes

These are the ice kings and queens of the zodiac, if you dump them there will be no drama, no yelling or unbecoming sobbing. How uncouth! These subjects will simply glide away without a fuss or ruffled feather. It’s literally water off the ducks back, with their valuable self-respect remaining intact no matter what. However, don’t think for one minute you have got away with it, these subjects have a way of getting revenge similar to fellow fixed sign Scorpio, and just like Scorpio, this punishment is always served stone cold!

Because of Decan 2’s cool-as-a-cucumber demeanour and elevated heads, they are sometimes accused of being snobs. Yes they are aspirational like decan 1, but their sensitive feelings keep them human and make them more sympathetic than your typical Aquarian. This is due to having a star here aligned with the southern fish, which also houses the mystical and imaginative star Fomalhaut. This fish is the one the water bearer stands upon and the water from his urn is shown pouring into the fishes open mouth. According to Staal, “The fish drinks the waters of the flood to save the world.” Aquarius’s humanitarian, saviour-like qualities come through strongly in this decan due to this placement. Some of the celebrities like Barack Obama or Jim Morrison carry a messianic-like quality about them. Remember the symbol for Christianity is also the fish.


11º 43’ Aquarius ~ Albali in the left hand of Aquarius the Water Bearer 3.8 *
12º 44’ Aquarius ~ Armus in the heart of Capricornus the Goat 4.9
13º 51′ Aquarius ~ Dorsum on the back of Capricornus the Goat. 4.2
15º 54’ Aquarius ~ Alnair in Grus the Crane.2.2
16º 16’ Aquarius ~ Delta Cygnus in Cygnus the Swan. 2.9
16º 20′ Aquarius ~ Rotanev in the head of Delphinius the Dolphin. 3.7
17º 15’ Aquarius ~ Iota Pisces Australis in the Southern Fish. 4.3
17º 23’ Aquarius ~ Sualocin in the head of Delphinus the Dolphin. 3.9
18º 07’ Aquarius ~ Delta Delphinius in the Dolphin 4.5

* Magnitude  & Star positions for the year 2000.

Ptolemy makes the following observations: “The stars in the shoulders of Aquarius operate like Saturn and Mercury; those in the left hand and in the face do the same”. So these people are incredibly studious and have a real patience for close, detailed work. Here we find Alnair in the crane “A retiring, active, proud, watchful, kind, idealistic and devoted nature, with a liking for astronomy.” There are dotted around this sector many other stars in the crane and also one in the microscope which further supports the geeky tendencies of this decan. Apart from Armus, most of the stars here are shy and placid, The dolphin, crane, southern fish and swan are all animals that relate to water in some fashion. Even Capricorn has a fishes’s tail, so this decan really does form a bridge between air and water. Aquarians aren’t noted for their sensitivity, but I beg to differ when it comes to Decan 2. Their watery side is kept hidden though and they will tend to bottle up their feelings.

There is something very playful and innocent about the dolphin’s strong influence within this decan. There is also a bit of a Lolita feel too. Sualocin is very sweet and naive and the Crane is known for it’s elaborate courtship dances. (See Skakira!) Decan 2 Aquarius can be surprisingly shy, but is also a bit “come hither”. These people are quietly alluring, peeping at you coyly with an inviting twinkle in their eye. These are the unexpectedly super-sexy magnetic Aquarians, a sign not really noted for its sex appeal in the way the other fiery or earthy signs are. There is an ethereal romance here also with the swans influence, it is a bittersweet bird with it’s lovely white feathers cloaking a black skin. Both the swan and the crane share long, regal necks so Decan 2 Aquarians have something very stately about them, they are proud and hold their head high through the most traumatic of situations.

Aquarius Decan 2Armus in Capricorn can be quite preachy. This star I nickname the “nagging star” since it is rather unfortunately defined thus by Robson “It gives disagreeableness, contemptibleness, instability, shamelessness, nagging and a troublesome and contentious nature.” Positively this star I believe gives tough love and tries to motivate people to better themselves. This maybe perceived negatively by those who like an easy life. Decan 2 Aquarians have very high expectations of their spouses and may give them a very hard time if they don’t match up to their ideal. In their disappointment and despair, they may indeed have no shame in using rather extreme tactics to get them to “man-up”. This decan can find itself saving a partner who has addiction problems or some other handicap which makes them come across as the long suffering martyr. At its worst manifestation, the “stuck-up”, tall-necked aspect of the swan and the crane may even subconsciously pick weak partners in order to feel superior.


Sun: Vanessa Redgrave, Shakira, Placido Domingo, Natalie Cole, Lisa Marie-Presley, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Lydon, Jessica Savich, Jennifer Jason Leigh, James Joyce, James Dean, Farah Fawcett, Eddie Izzard, Derek Jarman, Clark Gable, Charlotte Rampling, Franz Shubert, Gertrude Stein, Holly Johnson, Eva Braun, Franklin D Roosevelt, Bobby Brown, Bob Marley, Charles Dickens, Carol Channing.

Moon: Tony Blair, Tennessee Williams, Orson Wells, Nigel Havers, Muhammad Ali, Melanie Griffith, Janet Street-Porter, Helen Mirren, Marilyn Monroe, Eminem, Chris Carter, Burt Bacharach, David Copperfield, Britney Spears, David/Victoria Beckham Davison, Zeta-Jones/Douglas Davison, Madonna/Penn Davison.

Ascendant: Whoopi Goldberg, Michael J Fox, Matt Dillon, Martin Sheen, Lucy lawless, Lucky Luciano, Larry Hagman, K. T Tunstall, John Hinckley, Jim Morrison, Heinrich Himmler, Heidi Fleiss, Germaine Greer, Edgar Degas, Burt Bacharach, Dmitri Shostakovich, Bjorn Borg, Belinda Carlisle, Barack Obama, Auguste Renior.

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Author: Marina Macario

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