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Altair ~ Birthdays 21/23 January


Altair is the brightest star of constellation Aquila the Eagle at 1º 47′ Aquarius. This impressive creature has been a potent emblem throughout history. Three great (or not so great) powers have used it as their symbol, the mighty Roman Empire, the Nazi party and more recently the United States of America. Eagles are a natural choice for a super power to display as its representative. Who wouldn’t want to be compared with an animal known for its long life, majestic looks and great strength? The constellation carries much of the same meaning.

 “The English word eagle comes from Latin aquila. The word aquila, eagle, is believed to mean ‘water-colored bird’ and is related to Latin aqua  -, water, as is Aquarius” [Klein].

It is interesting that this star does fall Aquarius Decan 1, as while I was researching this I started to see where some of the meaning for the Zodiac definition of Aquarius may have originated. For example the Eagle has the ability to see from great heights but has poor close up vision. Aquarians are known for needing space, but at the same time are great visionaries. They will be keen humanitarians, but paradoxically can withdraw and freeze-over, if a friend gets too clingy or demanding of their precious time.

Constellation Aquilla

“Influences: According to Ptolemy the influence of Aquila is similar to that of Mars and Jupiter. It is said to give great imagination, strong passions, indomitable will, a dominating character, influence over others, clairvoyance, a keen penetrating mind and ability for chemical research.” [2] 

Aquila is the talent scout. In myth he is Zeus in the form of an Eagle that spotted the handsome young Prince Ganymede. Almighty Zeus having taken the form of the Eagle, snatched the boy by his talons and appointed him to be the lover and cup-bearer (Aquarius again) to the Gods.

You can see Aquila the eagle hovering above the head of the water bearer in the heavens, but he is depicted carrying the beautiful youth Antinous in Roman versions of the constellation shown here. The Greek version has Ganymedes is often representing the god of homosexual love, which sits well with Uranian-ruled Aquarius, since Uranus is sometimes thought of being the gay planet!

Fixed star AltairA fellow astrologer was of the opinion that all Aquarian women were androgynous and “butch” looking, presumably because of Uranus’s asexual reputation. He could be right if Aquilla is rising since Robson says of the Eagle:

“It has also been said to give a love of swimming (Aqua), and to be connected with certain sex irregularities, the latter probably being greatest in that part of the constellation lying in Capricorn” [1]

I just see this attribute as being part of Aquilla’s daring and risque nature. Of course the combination of Mars and Jupiter is bound to create a high libido. That sex drive with the boldness will result in the subject being unashamedly “outre” about their sexuality, whether you be a brazen lassie or a raging queen.

Cupids Dart

Sexuality’s connection to Aquilla makes sense when you see that the Kabalists associate it with the Tarot card “The Lovers” and that it also has associations with the sexy sign of Scorpio. The Eagle also is a symbol for Scorpio as Archangel Oriel. The angelic representation of Royal star Antares, (Watcher of the West.)

Chilled Aquarius (the Sun Sign) is not generally noted for the “Strong passions” mentioned by Robson above, so when we add Aquila we get an extra spicy layer. Zeus was known as the god of lightening. Fire is spirit and the eagle was seen as the instrument of calling fire down from heaven, just like Zeus/Jupiter’s thunderbolts. Eagles were released over the body of the dead Roman Emperor, because they believed that the eagle would carry the deceased soul up into Heaven.

Now again we can see just how this relates to the Aquarian myth as Liz Green associates Prometheus with Aquarius. I think this all fits so very well. Prometheus possesses Aquila’s boldness, being the daring human who stole fire from the gods. This is a humanitarian action, an act of great courage, not for personal glory but for the greater good of mankind. In mundane astrology, Anne Wright has found an association between the constellation Aquila and the USA, space exploration, kidnapping, and bombs and missiles. “Altair is good for advancement of lawyers and military men” [2]

Thunderbolt Passion

Altair Fixed Star“It confers a bold, confident, valiant, unyielding, ambitious and liberal nature, great and sudden but ephemeral wealth, and a position of command, makes its natives guilty of bloodshed, and gives danger from reptiles” [1]

 It is interesting that the natural enemy of the Eagle is the reptile. But I also think this maybe a symbol of Altair’s natural urge to rise above the limbic/reptilian brain and resist using that potentially flammable Martian/Jupiter energy for gratuitous bloodshed and to puff up its own ego.

“Altair is associated with boldness and action but this boldness is also connected to human relationships and caring. This star carries the divine fire of inspiration, which transforms into determination, the ability to achieve through risk-taking or through dogged determination. This is a star of action and strength and so will naturally action rather than inaction. At the same time this quest for action is not just for its own sake but also to serve others” [3]

Altair can be the perfect archetype of the male conquerer and awe-inspiring greatness. It is somewhat heroic, but not in a brash Martian way. It is more refined, like a chivalrous knight. I’m thinking 3 parts Sir Galahad to one part Sir Lancalot. In a woman this would be a Joan of Arc rather than a Boudecca.

However things can go horribly wrong with Altair, as Manilus rightly points out. Sarah Aldrete the notorious serial killer has it rising, I’m wondering if the state of ones Jupiter defines how this star plays out, since this star is Jupiter in disguise. Sarah has Jupiter on Algol while Carl Jung’s Jupiter is on far more fortunate Arcturus.

Altair Keywords

Valiant, brave, daring, provocative, pushy, ambitious, inspirational, guiding light, catalyst, booster, motivator, muse, ingenuity, rash, far sighted, visionary, planning ahead, on-the-ball, on-the-money, challenging, rash, hasty, impulsive, fast-as-lightning, fast-paced, chivalrous, sweeping you off your feet, flashy, dramatic, swooping down on you, tracking, assessing the situation, strategic, objective, independent thinking, calculated risk-taking, risqué, envy from others, idolatry from others, appealing to both sexes, feisty women, sensitive tough guys, notorious, infamous, insufferable, calamitous, all-or-nothing, bold, boisterous, bombastic, fantastic, subject to gossip, outlandish, insatiable.

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