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The 2017 horoscopes are now half price, while the Saturn & Eclipse reports have been made available for free online Click on the individual signs for the reports and purchase option. The 2017 eBook includes your August Eclipses (Reboots) Mars energy periods & Black Moon Lilith transits, plus the year ahead divided into seasons. The individual signs are approximately 3000 words for $1.95.

How To Read The 2017 Horoscopes

All my horoscopes are best read for your rising sign and Sun sign. Find your rising sign with the Horoscope Maker. These forecasts can help you prepare for the cosmic weather, but they shouldn’t be taken as immovable fate. You can view horoscopes the same way you might think about bringing an umbrella if the weather forecast predicts rain. But you should never lock yourself indoors out of fear of what the dark clouds might bring! Some of us will have more astrological immunity than others.

Astral immunity can also change at certain times of the year when challenging transits barely touch us. If we are tired and stressed however, we can be far more sensitive to difficult planetary movements. Another possibility is that depression might hide us away, so that we even miss out on the great opportunities promised by the sunnier, fortunate aspects. As Ptolemy said; ‘The planets incline, but they do not compel’