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2017 Aspects Of The Year

2017 Astrology

Here follows links to all the most important cosmic connections of the year:


Jan 19 Mars square Saturn at 23º Sagittarius/Pisces
Jan 28 Mars into Aries until March 10


Feb 6 Jupiter station retrograde on Spica. 24º Libra
Feb 11 Lunar Eclipse at 22º Leo on Putin’s MC/Pluto
Feb 26 Solar Eclipse at 8º Pisces
Feb 27 Mars conjunct Uranus/Eris at 22º Aries/Libra
Feb 27 Mars opposite Jupiter at 22º Aries/Libra


Mar 2 Jupiter opposite Uranus 22º Libra/Aries
Jupiter opposite the pedophilia/Persephone stellium
Mar 3 to Apr 15 Venus Retrograde at 13º Aries to 26º Pisces


May 11 Mars square Neptune 13º Gemini/Pisces (learning triangle to Jupiter.)
May 19 Saturn trine Uranus 26º Sagittarius/Aries
May 29 Kite Grand trine in Fire (25º/27º)
May 29 Mars opposite Saturn at 25º Gemini/Sagittarius
June 25 Mars Square Jupiter at 13º Cancer/Libra


Jul 13 Yod to Neptune/Moon at 14º Pisces (Achernar)
Aug 4 Jupiter square Pluto at 17º Libra/Capricorn
Aug 7 Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aquarius
Aug 21 Solar Eclipse on 28º Leo ~ Regulus On Trump’s AC/Mars
Aug 27 Jupiter sextile Saturn at 21º Libra/Sagittarius


Sep 24 Mars opposite Neptune 12º Virgo/Pisces
Sep 28 Jupiter opposite Uranus 27º Libra/Aries
Oct 4 Mars conjunct Venus at 18º Virgo (trine Pluto.)
Oct 11 Mars square Saturn at 23º Virgo/Sagittarius


Nov 11 Saturn trine Uranus 25º Sagittarius/Aries
Dec 2 Jupiter trine Neptune 11º Scorpio/Pisces


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