2014 Horoscopes

The year ahead forecast for all zodiac signs divided into decans. The first section is for the zodiac sign in general and uses the solar houses technique to establish what sectors of your life are being activated. This is especially accurate for your rising sign if you know it. The second section gives interpretations for transits to your Sun, but will work just as well for the Ascendant. Bear in mind that Sun Sign astrology is limited in it’s accuracy because the timings will vary according to what position in the decan your Sun or Ascendant fall. Using the decans should give more detail than you would otherwise get. I do provide personalised readings which will look much deeper into your horoscope and include forecasting techniques.

I have kept comments to provide a forum for fellow zodiac signs to compare notes. Any comment that just asks for a free reading and leaves birthdata is regarded as spam and will be deleted.

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